Saturday, September 24, 2011


 aish, my sd card effed up, a whole week's worth of lip pics gone =(  so these pics were on the cam memory.  woot, didn't know i could fit this much at full resolution LOL. so it's rob gale for me and the hubby til sm get's their act together in inspecting their patrons' stuff upon entering the mall.
this friday's dinner was at 8 spices thai cuisine on robinson's gale's veranda.
it's kinda fancy shmancy like simply thai but not as up scale as that.
 either we were quite early for our dinner, or the people were still stuck in traffic, or stuck trying to enter the mall.
 yippeeee thai milk tea.  this is just as deeelish as the one served at simply thai
 we ordered these really tender thai ribs.  wow, the meat was so tender and really tasty.  not gamy, not too oily, just right amount of sweetness and had a little just a tad amount of spice, just a little bite LOL in retrospect was too much, it was hard to finish between the two of us!
 because the rice here could serve at least three people!  yep, the bowl is rather deep ^_^
 and peppered fish fillet.  this was a nice taste to offset the barbecue taste of the ribs. 
the seats and the booth couches were really nice.  almost fine dining.  i'd come back here for special occasions ^_^
the entire check came out as a little less than 1,400 (vat inclusive).
do i recommend this place? : indeed i do, the food is very tasty and the portions quite big.  the ambience is great for a nice dinner or even a hearty lunch with the office mates.
will i come back:  yep definitely, it's a hop skip and away from where i work anyway LOL.  no worries on parking or distance LMAO

been to Thai food lately? i have :P


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