Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never ANNOUNCEMENT: Charles & Kieth Outlet Store at Robinson's Galeria

 it's been two weeks since i've seen this open.  they say that they will be here at rob gale for another 6weeks! LOL in time for what my office mates and I are waiting for, the fruits of our hard work from the previous quarter.  ahmmm so yeah, i'm on a shoes addiction, mostly wedges and boots fix.
 this outlet store replaced the black shop, so this is right next to Sarabia Optical on the '2nd' floor, facing the beauty bar (formerly bench's underwear store) and across naf naf well, i mean across from the escalator (then naf naf)
so it maybe more boots for me? since anyway it's the fall - Christmas season?!

What are you on the hunt for?


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