Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blog Event: The 4th Philippine Cosmetic Expo at Megamall

 hey i'm back, usual intro spiel on my vids.  don't think i can film this weekend.  though i should, maybe on monday.  so instead, here's my report on the phil-cosmetics expo 4th Pilipinas Ang Ganda Mo!  so it means this is the Philippine Cosmetics Exposition the fourth One with the Pilipinas, Ang Ganda Mo.  sige na nga i'm no grammar expert.
i went after my shift, but the flower arrangement was still there.
 it's free admission and i simply walked in, cam in my hand.  
 there were familiar names such as ever bilena
 splash kolours
but a great deal of the booths i saw were of names unfamiliar to me such as this Viet Namese brand
 this one, but then i'm not much into fragrances any how.
 some brands that do the whitening thing
 do the cure all thing
 and back again to some familiar names specially online like multiply and facebook for brushes and makeup

i actually have the iWhite nose pack, it's available at watson's and got the heads up on it from Sugar.  and yep i bought since it's inexpensive and korean LOL.
 argan oil
 wow but i am on a shopping diet so had to move on.
 finally i made it to booth 13, Digital Train Case's booth! Tadaaaaah, and my first words to Paul, hi, do you accept credit card payments? LMAO so yeah pretty much i'm illiterate when the co-presenter of the event is RCBC Bankcard, ginoo.
 so they were carrying Sophie's Charm brushes, the travel Pro i just posted about here, i also saw the new elf brushes and a great deal of NYX products, behold!

 more NYX
 and EOS
 more NYX  actually i'm diggin the display cases she used
 it's like she's been in the profession forevah!

meeting the people behind a company or store adds so much credibility...and they've been around for quiet awhile, uso pa multiply nun they've been there na.  the prices, how to order, their locations can be found here on their site
another familiar and who also currently has a spot at Crossings Glorieta is Dollface Cosmetics 
 her pallets and brushes are available.

and i guess, y'all remember kukuryu right?
 some other companies that are unfamiliar to me

 ooooh, but the jowa bought me one for Christmas 2010 so i had to stop myself. LOL
 mane n tail!
 ooooh they gave me a sample, asan na kaya yun LOL it's somewhere in my bag
 and wow a mary kay rep was here. i wanna try their products, really i do, but seriously, it's so pricey.  more expensive than Avon sooo hay, i don't know.

phhhffft victoria jackson, well in fairness, i like their makeup, i just didn't like how they treated me and hero Tania.  (we were led to believe that we would be able to attend their grand launch just buy their survival kit and become a member, flash the VJ card at resorts world and they'd let you in.  but nope, marketing bs, gone bad)
 they were trying to sell me another set of makeup, had to flash them my card, that is still in this black hole of a diaper bag of mine LOL.
 more whitening stuff O_O
 there were a couple of booths selling nail art
 a booth was selly byc but no cracked nail polish, hohum
i was surprised but then with all the local not so familiar brands, i was pleasantly surprised to see VMV Hypoallergenics products here.
 ooops i didn't buy into this, though i have falling hair ever since i started growing my hair long O_0
 oh another familiar name, cinema secrets.  my mom used to love their products.  and in fairness,  i like their foundations on her.
 l'oreal was there, but then i'm waiting for their outlet/hq sale as i work only a floor away from them.  that's this month, of september, too.  
had it not been digital train case, and mind you i didn't expect to buy the charm pro travel set (t)here, i'd be displeased with this visit.
my man asked me, huh? wala yung tony moly, etude house, at the face shop? hahaha PHIL nga eh, hahaha oooops may viet namese, at l'oreal.  dear l'oreal, why did you just bring out garnier? how bout maybelline? no revlon either.  no james cooper, no fanny serrano O_o
there was some hullabaloo on the stage while i was there.  but i struck out on the hourly raffle, and i had 7 raffle tickets, too LOL ah well lady luck says i won big time na daw.


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