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BLOGGER EVENT: DISCOVER CUISINE at Enderun: A NuffNang Exclusive Blogger Event

My first Nuffnang event. I was invited to a foodie event.  The Discover Cuisine at Enderun Extension Colleges at McKinley Hill.
This is what greets you as you enter the college.
below is a reception for a wedding going on.  they have packages for receptions and even the entire ceremony of nearly any religious denomination.
the 'church' looking building.  a mix design of old and new.
a view of this wonderful building from the parking area.
There was a video presentation on the history of the institution already playing as i arrived. 
Chef Marc Chalopin begins the demo by starting with the dessert!
homemade chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce coffee rum granite chantily cream and nougatine, simply called Chocolat Liegeois. 
this is a demo room that can accommodate up to 60 students.
 he explains that the nougatine expands as the glucose syrup spreads out on the pan, so yeah, peanut brittle but with almond LMAO
 students who are quite far from the counter top can still view the demo from the LCD screens throughout the amphitheater.
 he then proceeds to make the mirienda, the Shrimp Tartar Burgers
he also showed how to make Sun dried tomato petals.
Assembly of the shrimp burgers.
and voila
but this is what i was waiting for.  it took the rest of the time allotted for the demo for the ice cream to finish in the ice cream maker.
me and Chef Marc
after the demo, we were treated to snacks and we sampled the shrimp burger and the chocolat liegeois.
the pork and beans, what i deemed 'strange' for my pallet for the myriad of conflicting tastes competing in my mouth and the macaroni with ham and cheese, decidedly like the Philippines (read anecdotal joke at the very end)
some kind of lemon meringue and a custard cake.  
banana pudding as far as i know ^_^
 and what i had, the coffee was a tad strong for my taste:
 i dearly loved the pasta dish, the pork and beans was so so.
the tour of the school began:
this is just one of the laboratories next to the demo room where you can practice what you just learned.  take note, even the surgical gloves is imported from Germany.
we saw students practicing their craft for an upcoming cake competition, too.
another kitchen laboratory.  notice the marble counter top.  not only is marble not porous, it's more hygienic and so much easier to clean thus it is the best surface to prepare food on.

.the cozy library.
we then head down to the atrium restaurant.  upon learning the dishes up stairs the students get a chance to practice serving the food they prepared here.
 in short the practicum is already incorporated in the curriculum while the students are taking theory.
 in this atrium restaurant you get to see either the professionals or the students hard at work perfecting their craft.
the restaurant is open to walk-in guests and reservations.  lunch is served from 11am-2:30pm.  then the kitchen closes and opens again at 6pm for dinner.
 this is the reception area for their business school. 
one of the classrooms in their business school.  the design is like that of a boardroom to make the students get used to their professional lives.  they are hardly given quizzes here.  instead they do presentations much like a professional in the corporate world would do.
a couple of foodie bloggers and our guide, a sophomore student at this institution.  yes, the students already wear corporate attire while attending class.
minus getting to and from McKinley Hill it was a pleasant experience getting introduced to this institution and what they offer.  had i the money i'd like to go back to school and that school would be Enderun.  the internships that they assist you to get here and abroad sets you for life.  and college is not an extension of high school here.  from the students i met including the little quip of the macaroni dish being like the philippines (i merely commented that the pork and beans had too much going on with the chorizo, smoked bacon and the beans while the macaroni regardless of its ingredients melded in harmony to which one of the students oh 'like the Philippines!')  for someone just in college to have had the quick sense and actually the historical knowledge and apply it as a witty retort was quite impressive.  whereas in other colleges, ikaw pa aasarin dahil nosebleed ka.  i rest my case.  
if you can afford it, if your kid would like a BA degree, send your kid here, with only a few hours of getting to know this place, i was wishing two things, to have had the money to enroll here and for most colleges offer this kind of curriculum.
There are short courses, too, for the professionals who want to learn the culinary arts.  the lessons are held every saturday morning.
There are scholarships offered at this institution as well, all you have to do is ask.  Our sophomore tour guide also works at the school to pay part of her tuition.  so yeah, it is like going to college in the US or more to the point in Europe.

1100 Campus Avenue
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City 1634 Philippines

Telephone (632) 856 5000
Facsimile (632) 856 4656
Their website HERE

I seriously do not understand how or why i was invited but I am very grateful I did and was glad to have made it to the event.  Thank you Ms.  Trixie


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