Friday, September 9, 2011

EOTD: REVLON CUSTOM EYES - 025 Metal Chic Eye Makeup for Bespectacled Women aka women who wear glasses

I got this at the Changi Duty free and i forget the price of this pallet.  LOL basta it's 300 pesos less expensive at the duty free than our dept store counters for revlon.  i bought this because it was the most different out of all the pallets.  and it took a bit of inspecting to find out how to open this, LMAO
i love the blue! and it's a green that doesn't make me look i have a big ol' bruise around my eyes.
it even comes with instructions like the maybelline or japanese pallets.
swatches, mind you, i forgot to put eye primer underneath these swatches hehehe
so i followed the instructions and used all five (5) colors! O_o
and on my eye this is how it ended up as.  kinda orangey with the lighting i have where i took these pix.
yey a green i like.
and now for the title.  wearing the shades in this pallet was one of the rare occasions when i actually see my makeup behind my glasses.  it's possible it's the blue in the pallet that sorta blend with the blue around my frames.
hehehe so the instructions/diagram was a fail, but i'm sure it will go well with deeper set pair of eyes.
Review on the the 025 Metalic Chic Revlon Custom Eyes:
  • awesome shade of dark blue almost midnight but kinda periwinkle depending on the application and light
  • does lighter shades do not oxidize on me
  • does not fade
  • no fall out
  • matte to pearl finish though i was expecting a more metallic finish (maybe i should wet it first?)
  • no transfers didn't smudge throughout the day didn't budge from my eyes, specially the blue or green that i use for my lower lash line
  • without tax it's inexpensive for 5 shadows in one pallet, i recall this was less than PhP400
  • no weird scent
  • pigmentation, really pigmented even without an eye primer
  • i will not use the shadows in one eye look it's either blue or green smoky wearable with the blue or green accent is way better than both at the same time
  • the weird way of opening the lid
  • the sponge tip applicator, the rubber tips are flimsy so unlike the rubber sponge tip applicators from etude, majolica, or even kate
This makes me wanna buy the other pallets, not only are they inexpensive they are way better than the revlon colorstay eye pallet as per pigmentation i have the sterling rose, and i'm not impressed at all.

Revlon Custom Eyes, you sure have done the rounds on blog hahaha has anyone else tried these pallets?


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