Tuesday, September 20, 2011

THE FACE SHOP's Beauty Magazine August 2011 vol17

speciall mention to Weng: thanks for lending me the mag ♥
ok ok, i'll be the first to admit that the pic above is not the leader, the Kim Hyun Joong, I've grown accustomed to, but the picture below IS.  and yes, almost 2yrs later after persona, bkk, and even after our moment at sm moa, bitter bitter-an is me for still not having seen these headlights in this full splendor! 
all pictures can be clicked to enlarged!
and again with the the face shop concept.  a total paradox of 'a cute guy like me will go out with you if you use this bb cream concept because it also says i'm soooo your bff if you use this bb cream.
but LO! it's actually a regular magazine that the face shop publishes at least every quarter.
they even have a question and answer portion, so their people can mail them and the answers will be published along with the quesitons, eventually with product promotion from the collated answer.
new bb creams! LOL only the violet one has made it to the Philippines, though.
yey, a bb cream that specifically says it's to cut oil LOL
and a waterproof bb, LOL like the 'waterproof' foundation from shiseido
the line their other actress endorser is promoting.
and new packaging for their stuff, specially of the shimmer brick.

a wider men's line.  a concealer just for them!
yeeesh they also have that givenchy phenomeneyes mascara thingy

hehehe i don't get this part, i can read but have yet to get all the words down.
event's bulletin
and LMAO a horoscope section! i wonder if it's like the horoscope in Libre (free rag at the MRT)

seriously the face shop Korea, i know you may want to set Hyun Joong apart (looks and concept) from when he was with Tony Moly, but ahmm, do you really want your male endorser prettier than most of the women market you're trying to reach out to?
i miss this:
the calendar promo is still on going and so's the calendar promo, so good luck ghels!


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