Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Face Shop vs Clinique vs Etude House: Lip and Eye Removers

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As per the title, here we go again with the Lip and Eye REMOVER
How glad am i that i went to Shen's Clinique Party and got this Clinique All Day Makeup remover as part of the gift bag for attending? VERY
Why you may ask? read on.
Well for one thing Clinique's product says makeup remover from lids, lashes and lids.  so from the very beginning you already know what the product will do to you.
Whereas the face shop's black bamboo deep clean say in the front that it's a Lip & Eye REMOVER while the back that gives the ingredients, instructions say that all you need are your hands and then use this all over your face O_o
and look at the caution?!  mind you again, in the front it says EYE remover? well i guess that's why you need to avoid contact with [the] eyes.
Seriously, Korea, if your labels are this way how do you expect your products to be taken seriously?
Ingredients description, french words, etc
my before, on my eyes are my bobbi brown long wear gel liner, majolica majorca lash expander, and my kate brown pallet.
side by side the face shop's bamboo at 120ml per PhP400++ and the Sample from Clinique that's 30ml
well they both work but it's a beyotch to use the bamboo one from the face shop as described on the table below.

Aspect The Face Shop Clinique Etude House
Packaging simple turn cap child proof cap simple turn cap
colored but can see the content clear plastic bottle can see the content thru the plastic
Scent pleasant very mild  none pleasant very mild 
Color almost black in bottle but none on cotton almost lavander but none on cotton almost blue in bottle but none on cotton
Uses removal of eyes & lips and makeup remover for the entire face makeup remover fr lids, lashes, & lips removal of eyes & lips
Formula  no oil bi-phasic oil & other removers bi-phasic oil & other removers
Directions requires the use of hands no cotton needed AVOID THE EYES shake, pour on cotton, put on closed eyes, wait a bit, swipe shake, pour on cotton, put on closed eyes, wait a bit, swipe
Effectivity on waterproofe eye makeup it takes much longer to 'melt' the bobbi brown long wear gel liner  takes even less than 10seconds to remove my long wear gel liner takes about 15-20s to remove my maybelline studio gel liner
it flakes, yeah I don't get it either, my mascara off but my lashes still feel sticky no issues with removing the fiber mascara no issues with removing the fiber mascara
Price PhP400++ for 120ml US$18 for 124ml or 4.2 fl oz tadaaahh PhP198 for 100ml
Notes confusing name with instructions!

Clearly of the 3 i'll go back to my Etude House Lip and Eye Remover while if there's a Kim Hyun Joong promo going on like now with the pic frame and or calendar i'll just purchase The Face Shop's Brightening Rice Water Lip and Eye Makeup Remover. 
Disclaimer: by no means am i a grammar nazi nor do i give a hoot about how things are pronounced.  The English I use is mostly American so s's turn to z when in between vowels and  our Spanish inheritance make me pronounce Ellana as Eli-ana
Is the goal of this post to be funny? if it amused you then yes.  Mostly though, i wanted to share my thoughts on these products.  As much as we love applying makeup it's more important to take it off at the end of the day.
I'll try Tony Moly's soon, i've tried skin food's but, hehehe i forgot to take pics and post about it hahaha
anneyeong ☺♥


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