Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch at Simply Thai

ERRATUM:  oh yeah there's wifi here, too LOL.
the lovely ladies that i follow on twitter and blogger have mentioned this restaurant every so often so naturally i got curious.  this is in greenbelt 5, i know i know, i hardly go to makati except for Shen and Nikki & Sophie but now at least there's Simply Thai
the facade of the restaurant near max brenner and facing cyma.
they also have table outside and that futon looking thing if you wanna go traditional thai O_o
the interior.  looks posh yet still Thai LOL, eh greenbelt 5 nga eh. hahaha
my thai milk tea.  wow this is awesome.  this actually theBenj's order but he opted to give it to me since he knows i go gahgah over milk tea.  and yep, i thank God for him daily.  he's the type (and has done so already), to give me the window seat in an airplane - remember Drew in Wedding Singer?
my original order that theBenj drank instead, the Thai milk coffee.  i had this in Bkk and i loved it so i ordered this without having seen that there was the thai milk tea hahaha.
a random thai soda seen at each table.
our order, the lamb with curry and peanut sauce.  yammmmeeee!
our duck rice.
and or regular (medium) spicy shrimp and squid DEELISH, went well with the duck rice, too.
all of the orders without vat was around PhP1400.  pretty pricey but hey, it is in greenbelt 5 and we were satiated and gratified. each of the meal orders were good (serves) for two.
meron ba nito sa trinoma?  hahaha hint hint ayala!


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