Saturday, September 3, 2011

Product Feature: Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set

sigh still hung over my pix with the face shop endorser and ss501's leader kim hyun joong and his visit last week but must move on as i've promised myself, to continue beauty blogging
last night i went to the 4th Phil-Cosmetics Expo, will post on that after this.  it was the buzz on my twitter world for a week now and i was hoping to get something? LOL i did say i'm going on a shopping diet except for this brush set (and well, kim hyun joong promos)
and here we are, i finally, have my own set, the set that's been going around the interwebs!  dude, the box alone was pretty.  quality box, laminated and printed well.  very professional and the type you'd see big brands have.
it comes in this nifty and sosi looking faux-croc-leather case
 tadaaaaah it had me at hot pink!
 i like this little detail, halatang inisip mabuti.
and there's a plastic flap to keep from too much dust or powder from makeup when you have the case open when putting on your face or someone else's since the case opens and can lie on its back, flat.
presenting the face brushes:
the paddle shaped, synthetic brush for foundation,  wow this is really soft and the bristles are very fine, comparable to my still functioning-name-almost-erased-tfs foundation brush. 
 the concealer brush, equally soft but much smaller than the foundation brush, this will be great for under eye circles, the red spot on the outer corner of your eyes, and the redness around the base of your nose.
 the blush/contour brush.  the animal hair brush, but really soft, not just on my hands but on my face as well.  and it fits the hollow of my cheeks really well, too.
 the face brush, for setting your foundation with either pressed or loose face powder.  also animal hair but really really soft not just on my hands but on my face as well.
 ooooh the dual fiber stippling brush the one time youtube, blogger, makeup explosion of 2008-2009, thanks to mac, now every brand and their grand maW have (has?) their own stippling brush.  this charm one is just as long as the etude house, bdellium, and tony moly one.  it shed about 5 of the natural or animal hair bristles in the wash, but none after that, no bleeding either, ahem sigma, yours, dear sigma, continues to bleed no matter how many times i wash that long handled brush of yours.
now for the eye brushes.
no eyeshadow c brush like elf's but she has this all over lid brush, also animal hair to pick up the powder of the shadow more efficiently.
 oooh this i like, the angled eye shadow brush.  also animal hair.  i actually have huge eyes and have double lids so this will be useful to me.
 the pencil brush: hers is bleached animal hair.  i like this, it's really soft and will fit well on that part of my crease i wanna add a depth of color on.
 i asked Sophie and Shen if this was anything like the mac217, the blending brush i've been jonsing for for two years. LOL. they say yep. 
it's also bleached animal hair. goodness, her brushes are uber soft.
 ey, elf has this.  it's a straight liner brush, this is useful for applying liner shadow on your lower lash line.  this is a synthetic brush, taklon(?)
a spoolie either for mascara or brows.  i just washed this, it's also really soft but dense and firm enough to spread the powder on your brow or mascara on your already curled lashes.
 ooops ano na nga ba tawag dito? this is for the brow to put fill them in.  this is also animal hair, really dense and firm enough to tame into place your stray brows that are stubborn.
yey, i don't have to order from CS one of these again, not for a while LOL.  this  bent liner brush is one of my favorites back in 09.  haven't tried this yet. hopefully, i like it.
this travel set is available at her stores at edsa shangrila and serendra but is currently available during the phil cosmetic expo at digital train case's booth, number 13, still at PhP2200, credit card purchases are accepted at the expo.
umuusyoso.  literally, getting n my diy make shift iBox studio, thanks Shen for that heads up and tip 
and he realizes, he doesn't fit!
and now they are being air dried, hopefully my cat stays away from them.  he has this thing for animal hair brushes LOL.  i guess he can still smell it no matter how it's treated and washed LOL
can't wait to use these on sept 17 at the music fest at smx!  my first ever gig.  for fun and for my fangirl sisters.
hope to see you at the smx on the 17th! it's a saturday and it's all about music!


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