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it has 73% snail mucin information is based on this website:
DISCLAIMER: Etude House does not pay me to do these reviews.  i bought this snail cream with my own money.  i'll tell you anyway if i got an item  for free and or if a company had asked me to try an item and if they gave it to me.
I wrote my first snail cream article, here, back in Aug2012 (hahaha ooops i meant 2011-mental note don't watch 2012 again LMAO).  I was then using the snail cream sent to me by the skin shop for me to try.  that 50g tub with pump has now run out and the only snail creams available in the Philippines are from Etude House and Tony Moly.  So i went for less expensive one of the two but will eventually get the Tony Moly when this darling cream has run out.
As a review, you may click on the link here as to what are reported or claim to do.
Compared to the skin shop's snail cream, there is English translation for the description, directions, and ingredients on the box.
and compared to the skin shop's snail cream, EH's does not come with a pump but they do provide a spatula 0_o
 i miss this pump!
this amount can cover my entire face, including the areas around my eyes, yes, i defy that precautionary warning to avoid the eye area, BUT THAT'S ME, you need not follow what i do.
i've been using this cream for more than a week now and i've no harsh reaction to it.  it helps dry up any oncoming zits that pop up pre, peri, and post menstrual cycle.
  • very mild citrus scent, hardly even noticeable
  • locally available and is only PhP1198 for 50ml
  • at least there was a spatula provided
  • didn't break me out, no new millia, no increase in black or white heads
  • does what it's supposed to do, help heal any burgeoning zit, even if i pop said burgeoning zit, it dries it up in no time
  • not greasy even though it's sticky (stickier compared to the skin shop's snail cream)
  • fine i'll include this:  instructions. description, ingredients in english
  • NO PUMP! not hygienic to dip your finger in the product.  make sure NOT TO LOOSE the spatula provided, make sure the spatula provided is clean with each time you'll use the product
  • stickier than the the skin shop's snail cream so i have to be quick in applying 
  • it's sticky that it's kinda tough to remove the product from the face the next morning
  • similar tingling/stinging sensation around the sensitive areas around my eyes [similar to the skin shop's snail cream]
Neutral: can't tell if it has reduced any wrinkles i may have LOL
Do i recommend this? yes, for women that have tried everything to dry up their zits and are willing to overlook that the main ingredient here is snail slime, then by all means go for it.  anyway like i said in my previous snail cream review, the snail mucin/slime isn't collected on streets or stems or branches, it's collected in a controlled environment from cultured snails.
Will I repurchase:  yes, maybe not this one but another snail cream, yes.


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