Tuesday, September 20, 2011

REVIEW: Etude House: Mini Size U 아스트린젠트 (Astringent)

what is an astringent? the answer is here
basically it's supposed to cause constriction of the cells on which the astringent is applied.  so part of the usage of astringents is topical.  to reduce sebum production on the face.
It's a powerful toner.  it has more of the same ingredients of a toner.  form my experience, alcohol.
i've recently compared toners from three of the more popular korean brands in the philippines, here
and Etude House mini size U actually has a toner, but that has powder to help control the oil production on your face and to hide pores

the table below is a helpful summary of different other toners and is from:
click on the photo below to enlarge

now for the etude house astringent:

  • it's certainly not eskinol, it's way gentler than eskinol
  • none of the alum salts at the bottom of an unshaken eskinol, so certainly it is gentler
  • it smells like the rest of the pore U, very mild, pleasant and citrusy 
  • this minisize has a atomizer spritzer for better dispensing of the product either directly on your face or a cotton square
  • it cleans well without over constricting my skin the way eskinol does
  • leaves my skin soft and supple but unlike the 'toner' i don't get that powder so i don't feel like there's a filmy substance on my skin after a while
  • hehehe it was free, i got i purchased stuff 
  • didn't break me out, that would be ironic wouldn't it? nor did it give me any harsh reactions such as reddening or stinging
  • the size and amount in it is great for travel
none that i can think of
What i don't understand is:  if toners and astrigents work the same, then they have a toner and astringent? and yes, that's the hangul character means LOL check google translate if you want.  i mean, you wash with the foam, use this astringent, apply the toner, then the serum?  the powder in the toner would be kinda icky filmy underneath the serum.  LOL.
would i recommend? actually i do, it's better than eskinol, very mild yet effective
would i purchase? i would if i actually used astringents anymore :P


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