Friday, September 23, 2011


Last June i was fortunate enough to have purchased the tony moly eye primer and was able to review it here.  but 4grams and 4 months later it has run out.  i thought i should finally buy the 9+ grams for PhP298.
hehehe the reflective box made it a beyotch to take a pic of, but hopefully, y'all are able to see that 1.) it's in english, 2.) it has instructions and 3.) the ingredient list.  Look, Cyn! it's in English hahaha
the product up close.  doe foot applicator.  why is it called that? sorry i've never seen a doe (♫a female dear♪)  and it has that plastic thingy stopper/wiper, to wipe the applicator excess product and keep said excess product in the bottle.  by the way the bottle's see through like the tony moly one so at least i know when i'm running out of it.
swatches of my sterling rose.  one of my disappointing pallets from revlon, a colorstay pallet at that! well, it has great staying power, i just thought it would be more pigmented than these swatches on my eyes.
the pic below shows the primer before i applied the shadows on each 'line'.  the formula is a tad runnier than tony moly's but just a smidge.
as you can plainly see, the same revlon shadows on top of this primer, all the colors became more vivid and solid.
below is a photo of me after a full day's shift using an equally unpigmented eye shadow pallet from kate.  without the eye primers (either tony moly's or this new one from etude) i'd really be pissed at that pallet, apart from it being difficult for the pigment to show up it oxidizes O_O 
on my left eye i used the tony moly eye primer while on the right i used the eh one.  both maintained those not so great eye shadows, sorry for the bad pic below, but that's actually a kind of salmon pink from my lash line to my crease.

Aspect  Etude House Tony Moly
Content 9+g (but 10gms on the box) 4g
Shades 1 1
Consistency slightly runny paste just a tad pastier than EH
Applicator doe foot doe foot
Container genie bottle straight tube
Increase in ES Pigmentation same as TM same as EH
Creasing none none
ES Staying Power increased to same amount of time as TM increased to same amount of time as EH
Scent none none
Skin Reaction none none
Ease in Removing easy to remove with the EH lip & eye REMOVER easy to remove with the EH lip & eye REMOVER
Price PhP298 for 9+g este 10g  Php298 for a whopping 4  grams LOL
so between the two, what's the only difference? the price, price per gram i mean.  both are effective on my lids in preventing creasing and increasing the vitality of the eye shadow shades i put on.  they both delay if not prevent oxidation of the eye shadows i put on.
i'm glad to have been able to try both.  the only difference was the packaging and the amount of the product inside.
will i recommend either one? yep, unless you're the type that prefers western brands, then go for the nars one, i believe fuzzkittie when she says that the nars eye primer is awesome, at least the nars one is actually sold in the philippines. but between these two.  if you want a smaller one to carry in your kit, then the it's the tony moly.  that way there's only 4g for your to dry up while traveling compared to a 10g one that could dry up on you if you keep on opening and closing since it's hard to finish up.  ano daw? ok what i mean is, mas ok minsan yung konti ang laman para madali maubos instead na matuyuan ka ng product dahil ang hirap ubusin specially for the working mua that may forget to tightly close their products back in a makeup room with the a/c and hot lights on.
which will i repurchase:  again depending on my goal or intention, for travel it's the tiny one, for regular use it's the value for money one.
i actually wanna try the nars and even the bare minerals one LOL.  is fuzz a bad influence on me? i think not LMAO

happy weekend every one! PLEASE STAY SAFE!


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