Thursday, September 15, 2011

REVIEW: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover 01 Pink

Generally, i buy inexpensive nail polish removers simply labeled as acetone, but i needed stuff to buy for the recent Kim Hyun Joong promo for his visit so when Nikki said this smells nice i thought it would be ok to buy this to accumulate what i need for the raffle.
click the pic below to enlarge
it has instructions how to open the bottle cap since it's child proof.
so i tried this nail polish remover on their own nail polishes
and one that's really really as in super to the max ibang level sa hirap, really in your face difficult to remove glitter nail polish from the competition.
and below is the result.  took just one cotton square to take off the nail polish from the face shop even with the crack finish but took two really soaked cotton square to remove the glitters from my nails

what i can say is this really smells nice, like strawberries.  and the scent isn't too fake and too strong either.  it doesn't smell like that fake rotten car freshener stuck in the sun all day ahem elf all over stick in pink lemonade.  the scent of this nail polish remover is quite pleasant.  PhP95 for 100ml, i guess that's ok if your aim is to accumulate enough for the most current Kim Hyun Joong promo (currently the calendar and picture frame)
  • packaging, it's an almost clear bottle so you can see how much of the product you have left
  • the scent, it's not over powering and the strawberry scent almost irradiates the smell of the acetone
  • it works well enough on usual nail polishes
  • childproof cap!
  • PhP95 for a branded, childproof capped, 100ml acetone is fine anyway my purpose is for a promo
  • locally available, the face shop is in most malls in Metro Manila
  • not as drying on my nails as other acetones are
  • i guess the srp of the face shop items in Manila, but i get other stuff out of my purchases so i'm willing to let that go.
 Will i repurchase? Not for a while, it takes a while for me to finish a big bottle like this.

Do i recommend: indeed i do, specially for Kim Hyun Joong fans looking for non-makeup items that could prove useful to them.



Scatterbraintures said...

I was fine with pure acetone. My niece came over and bought this on one of our shopping trips, but she was too afraid to bring it with her on the plane back to malaysia so she gave it to me.
Didn't expect this one to smell good and I had no idea it would make my fingers smell like strawberries. Best part is, it doesn't smell like synthetic-chemical-strawberries.

Marge said...

eggzaklee! love how the strawberry smell stay behind and doesn't smell all fake :P

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