Monday, September 26, 2011


DISCLAIMER: Tony Moly does not pay me for these reviews.
a week of experimenting and trying out my nyx and covergirl lippies, by weekend, hehehe chapped lips.  so i thought it was high time i try the magic lip tint that Tony Moly gave me for attending their press launch last july.  but wait what's Charm's lip brush doing there? oh nothing, i like the bluish pink of the bullet.
my magic tint is in #3 grape. 
it's a gel formula in a tub.
and wouldn't you know it? the shade is similar to the pink of the bullet casing of Charm's lip brush from her pro travel set.  this gel type formula is quite sticky.  not only is it more hygienic that you use a clean lip brush instead of dipping your finger on the product, in my opinion, it's easier to spread the product on the lips with a brush because of its slightly thicker consistency.
this isn't the most pigmented of the lip tints they have.  the green #1 is the most tinted LOL, but with my complexion this #3 grape that i have shows up on me pretty well. 
this lip tint has got to be one of the most difficult lip tint to remove.  O_O hahaha  so i guess that's a good thing?
  • the scent hehehe it's a nice grape scent that isn't like old car air freshener 
  • the taste, it doesn't taste like plastic or fake grapes (hmmm does that mean i've eaten plastic grapes from mom's display in her sala?)
  • the shade, i thought i'd want shade 1 since it's the darkest, but i think i like this better considering my complexion
  • a few dips of either your finger or brush goes a very long way on your lips
  • very lasting, my office mates have gone swimming with this on their lips and claim that the product stayed on their lips
  • which brings me's quite difficult to remove
  • did not transfer onto my pillows
  • is hard to toothbrush off my lips LMAO
  • that  means your PhP198 per tub will last you a very long time
  • kept my lips from further chapping
  • in a tub, not hygienic 
  • almost always out of stock LOL that's no longer a fault of the product :P
Do i recommend: yes, specially to our high school girls who don't wanna dabble into make up yet.  this is a good step towards that end.  it's a tint but also keeps your lips from chapping, and stays on for a long time no need to keep reapplying even after eating or in my office mates' case, after swimming.

Will i repurchase: not for a long time since this will last me a long time.  ^_^


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