Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend Shopping: Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Etude House and Izod

As some of you may read my recent entry on makeup removers here I concluded that I am not only more accustomed to biphasic cleansers, i now prefer them over 'water cleansers'.  so before my clinique freebie runs out on me i wanted to buy a new bottle of a korean one.  clearly from the pic below you know where i ended up.  why?  at 398? instead of my usual 198 per 100ml?  read further
Aigooo.  I went to the Etude House on their invitation that they'll have a sale for a month.  i went there last friday and found that none of the things i listed down were in stock regardless if they were part of the sale or not. so off i went to the dept store.  i'm out of my tony moly eye primer so i was interested in the competition if it would be any better, anyway it's cheaper LOL.  and since one of the cover girl lip perfection lipsticks in fairy tale oxidizes on me and looks darker, i thought i ought to try the lipstick base and see if the true color of my lip perfection would show up on my lips.  more on that this weekend.
Dear SM, i super hate your plastic bags, it's clear why you've thinned out the plastic, don't stamp the word biodegradable on them and think we'd all believe you.
oh, for a minimum of 500 and availability, i got a penguin book mark LOL

I was also fortunate enough to be invited by the triple s philipines at their booth to do makeup overs to anyone interested last saturday so i was at sm moa and caught the second day of their 3day sale.  all of the items theBenj and i got from Izod were at half off LOL
at the music fest at the smx, LOL parang rhyme.  i got these new babies.  hahaha yeah i promised i'd stay away but c'mon i can't resist big bang and ss501!
these are plastic folders with the youngest and TOP, big bang's rapper on the smaller pic.  and i got a now rare ss501 destination album taiwan version.  it's out of print, and i got charged extra for it, since the seller thought i was a foreigner.  simply because i asked how much?  winner, this is why a lot of filipinos don't progress.
and finally at the face shop.  GUESS WHAT??? they, too, are out of the biphasic lip and eye removers' the rice water lip and eye makeup remover and the green one.  all they had was the bamboo water one which i kinda not like.  so after visiting 2 face shop branches and 2 etude house's no lip and eye removers so i end up at tony moly.  hehehe at least this time i get to try their's right?
i wanted to try the new baked shadows from the face shop LOL  it reminds me of avon's baked shadows :P
I'll use this pallet by next week and see how it goes, it seems pigmented from their open samples hehehe

shopping diet?  what shopping diet?


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