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I actually joined contest, just for fun, but a day before the announcement of the winners, offered me her invites to the event since she had work at the time =(  but the next day i was one of the winners/readers for that multiply was giving free invites for through Nikki's blog ^_^ so i now i had a total of 4 O_O people had many events that weekend so i couldn't do a twit-away or anything LOL, while hero Tania, too couldn't make it, and partner in crime, Dek was also not available anymore. so it was me and theBenj.  soon, achie followed with her own invite as she's with an ad agency.
it was a shopping party, though i do not know what the mechanics were to be one of the sellers at the party.
there were electronics and the slowband was provided by Tania's favorite provider, SUN.
several kinds of apparel were on display as a show case of the kinds of stuff you can purchase on multiply.
yep, i actually used to buy clothes on multiply that are 'Korean' but that was before forever21 opened.
and the show began, our lovely hostess, Bianca Valero was our petite host who did, truly truly did try to pep up the crowd.  oh dear, i fear i was the only person who understood her jokes! O_o what does that say about me? LOL.
a local duo sang several very 90's trance/house 'club music, similar to late night alumni just that this duo's style is stuck in the 90's.
back to pretty petite Bianca.
a couple of people recognized me hahaha, 'ikaw si kikaytrekkie, di ba?' [aren't you kikaytrekkie?] so i had to gulp and smile hoping i had paid up all my orders if any, and said yep, hello po ;-)  and Bev, the person i buy geo lenses from came up to me and greeted me, awww! her site is:
below is Mr Madrid the country manager of Multiply Philippines.  hahaha recounting the history of multiply in the Philippines.  frankly i still prefer multiply in its layout and css over facebook but well, now multiply is a store.
and the fashion show began.  all sorts of clothes can be purchased online from different sellers.
including men's wear.
casual to beach wear.
to business casual
to preppy
to escort este evening wear
to streetwalker O_o
the food that i loved was prepared by Bizu...Jes! naka ilang tiramisu ka?
ah stuff that i would never buy online.  these i have to fit and walk around with at the store instead of ordering online.
bags look great! emphasis on look.
and the loot bag.  a multiply tee, several sample perfumes, leaflets, and the eco bag.
it was a good event.  it's nice being recognized LOL.  it is on multiply, after all, where i started my blog reviews, just cuz their html reader is easier to work with and multiply has a separate header specifically for reviews, you can even put how many stars you wanna rate the item or restaurants.  you have a selection of types of cuisine if you were to review a restaurant.  i just find multiply's format way better than say blogger (before or after it went google) or wordpress.COM.
i realize i can simply adjust my blogger to reflect tabs for reviews, foodie things, random posts, but naturally since it was multiply i had no real issues dealing with the css/html with, it is always multiply i will miss using when blogging. 
take note, i still gravitate towards multiply when it comes to purchasing my korean cosmetics thru and it's still Bev of that i would order geo lenses from when this kid we have at theBenj's house need to do his cosplay stuff and or when my office mates want to order geo lenses.

even with western cosmetics, it would still be Sol of that i would order from if her physical store was not a few steps from where i work. 
i thank multiply for being an avenue for consumers like myself in finding the stuff i fancy at the time.  multiply made it very convenient for me to buy the stuff i like without having the need for a paypal account and a credit card.  i also met great kids like Bev and Charmaine that i admire for having the business they have at such young ages.  I thank Multiply for helping start my blogging addiction and being the avenue to expand my network of friends and acquaintances.


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