Monday, October 3, 2011

Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly Shopping and a couple of Nyx's from Digital Traincase

hello pay day, well as of today, good bye pay day huhuhu, now you see it now you don't again that pay check of mine. i tell ya my pay check is better than David Blaine :P 
i got a text from Etude House that at least one of the items i had reserved had already arrived so off i went, luckily enough it was a pay day, so i got a few extra stuff.  i wanna try out their lip liner and for php98 bucks and it's refillable, haler, huwai nat ;-)  and a curious new item. a mascara remover with lash growing ingredients.  so i was curious, hopefully it isn't a dud.  though i do here good reviews of their other lash grower, hehehe i should try that one of these days.  also got a brow razor and what i originally went there for, the lip concealer.  next!
i actually got the stuff from the face shop the day Pedring or tropical storm Nesat was here.  some of you may have read that the hubby and i stayed at the holiday inn last week so i had to buy cleaning stuff for my face.  so i took the chance and grabbed the last lip and eye makeup remover [HURRAY FOR CORRECT LABELING] for sensitive skin.  since i was near the 1k, i got another of the herb day lip and eye makeup remover, so i got the pic frame again and the free vita c mask sheet.  i'm all about skin peeling at home now so i wanted to try this smart peeling from the face shop.
naturally, i stopped by tony moly, at least they still had stock of their new lippies cough<ahem>etude out of stock</ahem>cough.  this is new lippie is new and has spf13.  the rest of the shades sorta wash me out and reds are in right now so i got the reddest shade they had LOL.  aaaand since i'm into experimenting with new lippies, i thought it best that i get a lip scrub and woah the packaging LOL.
there was a megabrands bazaar that went on at the mega trade hall at sm mega mall last weekend OF COURSE I HAD TO PASS BY, to see a glimpse of Colette ^_^  this yorkie-poodle, truly truly cutie and i dare say Mayor Digital Traincase's mascot for their stall, LMAO.  since i am ingitera, i got me perfect red and another soft matte lip cream, in antwerp [which in my opinion is a mix between milan and san paolo, which i'm now preferring].
i was thinking of getting a couple of pairs of charles & kieth to take advantage of their last few weeks of sale at their rob gale outlet store. but alas, the designs or sizes were already dwindling in number and availability that i'd get better bang for my buck at Nafnaf's shoe sale :P

how was everyone's weekend?


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