Sunday, October 9, 2011

Food Tripping: Megamall and Robinson's Restaurants-Ortigas I love you

 i've been wanting to try this crepe place since they opened, i just haven't gone in since for me the idea of crepes is either a light meal or desserts LOL like this one below:
it's chocolate crepe with nutella (or was it caramel) and mangoes, so like fantastic pinay but a little leveled up by the chocolate crepe.
 ahhhhh the savory crepe.  this thing is the bomb!  it has spinach and bacon but the filler is the feta cheese.
 and donna's order, strawberry chocolate crepe LOL it's wonderful as well as lovely to look at.
 the ambiance is lovely, too.  quite cozy.
the price range is nearly the same as cafe breton.
and here we are a bunch of chicks satiated with the mirienda we just had.
friday night dinner at megamall, featuring xoi vietnamese kitchen and pepper lunch.
next to korean and thai, i'm really loving as in really loving vietnamese food.  so theBenj and i tried out this fairly new one at the megamall atrium.
i ordered something spicy so i thought it would be nice to have some iced vietnamese coffee (i was thinking like thai iced coffee or tea) to soften the blow of the spice, and this is what arrived.  you're given a pot of hot water, this ground coffee sifter and a glass below with condensed milk in the glass.
so you wait for the hot water to bring out the taste of the coffee then it will go through the sifter and straight down to where the condensed milk is.
a view from the top LOL
and voila the finished product.
to help ease the spice down.  LOL this thing is the bomb, so many bombs!  i loved the spice by the way, it was not scary spicy but just warm, it was by the time that i was half way through the bowl when my nose began to run LMAO. tissuuuuuuuuueee!
theBenj™'s order.  sticky rice. topped with grilled chicken. YUM!!! the chicken was so tender! my beef on the other hand was not really tough, but not tender either.
the friday previous to this last friday oct 7, we had dinner a mega mall, and this time we had it at pepper lunch.  yey.  so much better than pepper steak (seriously i don't get the appeal of pepper steak)
remember that groupon/beeconomic for pepper lunch?  the half off deal?  it's not cheap here that's why.
well at least theBenj™'s order wasn't cheap.  it had steak and stuff LOL
mine wasn't inexpensive either, but to be safe i got their best seller to see what the big deal was.
sizzling, smoke in your face, glasses, HAIR AND CLOTHES.  this is why you'll never catch me at a shabu shabu restaurant or grill anything at a korean joint.
in ferview, my order was really nice, if only i didn't burn my mouth and tongue in the process of eating it.  if you wait too long the greasy 'goodness' would not be so good so i had to eat it after it had just cooked to medium well.
today, theBenjand I are off to greenhills looking for at least one of these:
lol, i've been getting misspellings and wrong words on my phone and growing my nails is going to be bothersome and texting at the same time LMAO.  
do i just live in ortigas or what?
where have you been lately?


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