Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Sparkling in Manila Recently- scans of Sparkling magazine with Kim Hyun Joong

Finally, i get to post this.  I got this about last week, when it exploded on facebook.  so here it is.  i, took pictures of every page, but i'll just post the ones that actually relevant to me.
this statement actually surprised me, he's 25-26 now, so he may mean here below, that after he's served the military and the time he has now til then, that he'd focus more on improving his skills before he makes any attempt in being in a band.  take note, band.  this guy does play the guitar and lead guitar at that.  it just so happens his face overtook his guitar skills when he applied for a job when he first started out in the business.
more of a mature, better-fed jihoo.
i'm glad that i bought this mag.  very few mags are in english enough to make fangirling over guys like this meaningful to someone like myself who grew up on the muppets and sesame street.
August 2011: when he visited the Philippines as part of his whirlwind tour for his breakdown album and the face shop.  I actually met the ladies of Sparkling Magazine at the Moa event, but they weren't allowed to take pictures officially so, like regular fangirls they had to raise their dslr's and point and shoot and hope for the best.
tony moly and etude house, friendly on the budget with packaging for tweens and mid 20's ladies.
except for the violet bottled bb cream and the compact, i've tried all of the products below, and the only one i would NOT recommend is the body shop one with the shiso :-( super expensive for such a tiny amount for a so so bb cream.
yey, a Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.  It's not just about kpop, it's an entire history of a people.  at least they opened this 20th branch here in the Philippines, for those interested in more than pop culture.
ah the kdramas.  i've seen scandal and i super LOVED IT, thanks to that show i'm now a big fan of Tony Moly's endorser, Song Joong Ki and The Face Shop female endorser, Park Min Young. i've seen he's beautiful so i always have room for FTI and CNBlue. i have secret garden at home now.  and notably, hanakimi.  a japanese drama, a very good one according to my jpop addicted friend.  at least, Sparkling mentioned Jpop at all.  it is after all, the original in Asian Pop.  it just so happens that Kpop is pushing its way to be the top.
and of course, what's an issue without the mention of rain and big bang? answer:  an incomplete magazine, that's what.  though i'll leaf through it again and see if there was a mention of lee min ho.  but usually the mere sight of his nose makes my eyes go like this O_O and right away i know it's Lee Min Ho.
Kim Hyun Joong has a new album out, Lucky guy, but honestly, after that 'climax' i had with the pic taking with Hyun Joong and Rain's rest, as of yesterday from Kpop, as he entered the military, that honeymoon phase i have(had) with Kpop is over. 
Where my addictions will take me, i've yet to know, all i know is if there's anything i won't buy it's mac both the cosmetic and the computer, nyahahaha.  
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