Sunday, October 23, 2011

Milk Tea Madness Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, and my ole time favorite Quickly

so finally theBenj and i finally get a chance to visit greenhills and tadaaaah, we visit happy lemon.  now i know there's a happy lemon somewhere in trinoma, but see, unless a korean dude has an event there, i hardly go to trinoma (specially now that there's a laneige branch at edsa shangrila), well actually, much less greenhills but well, hehehe here we are.
the queue was crazy it was like metrobank and bdo mixed in with some bpi! that's how long the queue was at happy lemon greenhills.  but hehehe cute.
Dark Choco with pudding
my milk tea with pudding and pearls
and yep, like all the ladies that have been going gahgah over happy lemon, i really really like the milk tea here.  and boy, CHUNKS OF PUDDING? not even uber thin slices <ahem>quickly</ahem>  next time we will try the rock salt thingie happy lemon is really popular for.
but hola back to ortigas, specifically mega mall.  theBenj and I see this a week later.  and the queue is just as insane.
oooh i love this, it's right close to where i work! right Jheng?!
royal milk tea indeed ^_^
and for the calorie conscious out there you can control or limit the sweetness of your drink.
theBenj and i shared a milk tea with everything on it. hahaha parang hot dog lang :P  hehehe 
but since i was in college a long long time ago, as in a decade or so na.  there has been quickly for me.  yeah my egg pudding is gone, but my red milk tea lives on.  and in shangrila and in greenhills i can still get to reminisce how after i had just done a jeet kune do work out, i'd get a big one of red milk tea and pudding at their branch near st. scho.  hahaha yeah i used to do jeet kune do, and yes i should take up martial arts again, i'm super out of shape!
 prices since then have relatively remained the same, so has the the quality.
 i think i'm one of the luckiest person on the planet.  i am family with people who has the same taste as i do.  my sister in law and theBenj hehehe we like milk tea.  
how do you like your milk tea?


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