Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Covergirl Lip Perfection lippies-Ingitera mode hahaha

having this blog gave me the wonderful opportunities to get to meet new and different people.  from young girls asking me how to have good skin, to having more to talk about with the sister in law.  and this year, i get to interact with other beauty bloggers, and they actually reply on twitter, love it ^_^.  
recently, what has circulated among the blog sphere is the release of Covergirl's Lip Perfection.  
I haven't had anything thing from Covergirl like hmmm ever? i do recall an eye pallet back in grade school, and it wasn't even mine :P  so now, the ladies i follow blogged about this, and having had a less than stellar experience with my tangerine collection from etude house, i thought, hey Vit A and E on lippies? at a price cheaper than Avon's? huwaiii nat?
so here's the few that i have.  of different hues.  

one swipe ladies!
but what's that etude house lipstick base doing in the picture?  as much as i love these new lippies from CG, my lips are on the pigmented side, so i need the base to make the color of the lippie come out.  and below is temptress.  i waited for this shade for about a week LOL.  it's a nice pink on the verge of being cool but still kinda warm tone.  photo below was taken with the flash on
withOUT the flash on, just natural lighting from the sun.
and with my full head :P
below is heavenly.  my lips only better.  so yeah it's kinda nude only better imho.  i don't look washed out in with this.  
with flash:
and my head :P
ahhhh the reason i bought the etude house vip lip stick base to begin with.  Fairytale.  hay.  this lippie is quite dark on my lips.  and quite unlike the swatch on the arm.  naturally, cuz my arm is uh fair to light? so on the lips not skin and underneath is something pale with a tad pigmentation from me being warm blooded (i think) the color will change a bit and look darker.  so i thought what better reason to buy something at etude house than this shade? LMAO
a pic of fairytale on top of the vip lipstick base but without flash
with flash.
i like this happy shade!  it's salmon! nuff said ^_^
and hello scarlet! i was thinking between tempt and hot.  but i was kinda afraid of looking like morticia adams with tempt (with my forhead's heart shaped hairline, thin black hair, mama/mrs morticia adams!)  so i chose something less maroon and more red yet still on the blue side in a way.  i give you hot.

awww close up toothpaste moWdel? :P
fail at matchy matchy with my baseball tee LMAO that would kinda be indie flick from nyx...hehehe next story on my nyx almost addiction.
so ladies? watchathink?
now don't think i aint hunting for tony moly, etude, and the face shop red lippies, I AM! it's just that, hmmm, their stuff is stuck at customs like everyone else's? LMAO
as you can see, some are matte while some are not.  but NONE of these dry me out.  as per consistency and non-drying effect on my lips i'm more inclined to use these cover girl lip perfection lippies.
i like the bullet packaging, too.  the cover encompassing nearly the entire tube rather than the halves that most lip sticks have for packaging. and just look at that pigmentation!
it's just me, ok? i'm just oc with it comes to color pay off but y'all need not buy the lip stick base.  BUT these oxidize, too.  so if you wanna prevent that, have the nearly the exact shade of the lippie on your lip then go for the lip stick base.  
each cover girl lip perfection lip stick is PhP395 available at most department stores where covergirl is sold.
so really the only 3 cons i have for this line is 
1. they oxidize but i avoid that with the lip stick base 
2. (well this is half and half con and pro) it's a beyotch to remove! hahaha you need heavy duty lip and eye remover, este makeup remover to wipe these lippies off :P
3. no spf O_o
do i recommend these? yes, they don't dry my lips out and they have vit's A and E on them
will i repurchase? please don't tempt me LMAO get it? tempt? LOL :P


Kai said...

Thank goodness I found this post! I bought the Fairytale this morning and it turned bright red on me. Although I also LOVE how red and flattering it looked, I still want to wear the "almost exact" shade I bought. Thanks for the tips.. I couldn't find any tips regarding oxidizing lipsticks other than this post :)

Marge said...

oh the etude house lip primer, yeah, it's a goldmine of awesome ^_^

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