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My Nyx Matte Lippies swatches & pics - Ingitera Mode part 2 all lippies are puchased from Digital Train Case

when this brand exploded on youtube, i was mildy curious.  then local bloggers (local to the Philippines that is) have blogged about this, a shout out to and, i was beginning to have real interest in the brand.  it was when a multiply seller, digital train case, was at mega mall for at the phil cosmetic expo and upon learning that said multiply seller has a physical store very near where i work, that i gave in. initially buying a couple of lippies at the phil cosmetic expo. followed by a couple of soft matte lip creams at her physical store at eton cyberpod.  
and most recently another couple of lip products while digital train case was at the megabrands bazaar at mega mall, another soft matte lip cream and another nyx matte lipstick.  so now i have a total of three soft matte lip creams and three nyx matte lipsticks. 
swatches of what i initially purchased
Milan is a cool pink on me.  but isn't the type that wash me out, below is a pic of milan on me with the flash turned on
and with just the sun.  remember that thing in the sky? the relatively young star in the center of system?
and mug of me.
Now for san paolo: i've seen this on Shen in real life and i fell in love with the shade.  yeah yeah i'm this sallow really pale person, so it doesn't mean it's fantabulous on her it would be on me as well.  but here it is.  pic below has the flash turned on
and without flash.
and a mug of me.  i like it on me.  it looks natural on me.  a better pair of lips on me, but natural none the less.
but it's angel that i liked A LOT among my first 4 nyx purchases. this is what i was actually expecting of san paolo to be on me.  

and a pic of me with the flash turned on.  
Indie Flick: a red, a bright orangey kind of bright red.  hey it's the fall season aint it? LOL  pic below is a pic of indie flick on me without flash
and with flash
 and me with it on. hahaha a matchy matchy with the blouse and indie flick fail :P 
recently at the mega brands bazaar held at mega trade hall, i got a couple of nyx stuff. this time in antwerp and perfect red.  
i think antwerp is a combo of milan and san paolo at least when worn.  pic below with the flash on
 and without flash
 and me.
 while this is perfect red on me.  with the flash on.
and just the sun.
i'm glad i didn't turn out looking like a geisha wearing this kinda blue red.  
tomorrow, october 9, 2011, is the last day for yet another bazaar that digital train case is with. Mayor Sol, kamusta ka naman na?
My thoughts on these matte lippies.  
well, they're definitely a must try.  i like the fact that they're cheaper than cover girl.  i love the pigmentation.  i wasn't really dried out by these.  maybe because i've learned to apply a lipstick base prior to any lipstick i put on.  
soft matte lip cream vs the matte lipsticks.  
the soft matte lip creams are indeed just that quite soft and very creamy to apply.  but i would have to apply my lipstick base and lip concealer more just so the lip cream would not accent the vertical lines on my lips.  the soft matte lip cream is also not as lasting as the nyx matte lipstick.  it reminds me of my revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick except that the nxy doesn't stay as long.  another way the nyx soft matte lip cream reminds me of my revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick is how when you apply it with the doe foot applicator the doe foot applicator wipes off the product off your lips LMAO, it's like the moment it's on your lips you wipe it off, specially when you rub your lips together while it's still wet, DON'T. otherwise you'd roll the pigment to another part of your lip, and you'd get a line of product right under your cupid's bow.
the matte lipsticks HOWEVER, are just love.  wow those things last on my lips.  i need a lip remover (i mean a lip makeup remover LOL).  for some reason it applies better, too.  it takes just about one swipe on my lips.  truly quite the competition to the matte lippies from the cover girl lip perfection line
do i recommend these lippies? definitely specially if you can't see yourself in a Korean Cosmetics shop
will i repurchase? probably, the nyx matte lipsticks, yeah!


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