Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW at Tony Moly Prestige Crystal Lipstick Tender Pink & Muse Coral

I told ya i'm on a lippie craze.  recently at tony moly these came in and since i wanted to do a Korean lip product feature, i wanted to get these.  i got muse coral in 04 and tender pink in 06 awww thank heavens they're now naming their lippies.  Asian products usually don't do that you usually get pk then a number rd then a number etc.
muse coral on me under natural lighting.  i love love this shade, it's a lighter version of cover girl's lip perfection in fairy tale but this is more of pastel ☺
selca time :P
below is tender pink.  it's like a lighter covergirl lip perfection in heavenly
i'd wear this or heavenly from covergirl if i'll wear a smokey eye look.
swatchie ☺
the muse coral is definitely more pigmented, that's just one swipe, while that's two swipes for tender pink.  the texture is quite creamy and there tiny glitters in tender pink.  there are other shades of this of muted hues.  ranging from nude flesh to nude on the orangey side.  
these have spf, spf13 and each cost PhP498.
  • very creamy to apply
  • spf
  • crystal packaging, i can see how much i have left 
  • strawberry scented and tastes like it somewhat but in a good way not in a fake plastiky way
  • muse coral is very pigmented compliments my complexion
  • does not dry out my lips
  • not cakey to apply
  • does not accentuate the lines of my lips
  • PhP498 O_o fine extra fee for the spf
  • kisses off, since it has a glossy formulation
  • very few shades compared to western brands (this line only has about 6 shades on the shelves in Manila)
Do i recommend, yep, if you're a fan of protecting your lips from the sun and a fan of Tony Moly, indeed you should give at least one or two shades a try.
Will I repurchase.  prolly not, the other shades wash me out as they are nude colors.


Kristen☆사랑 said...

Nice review. Do you know where I could get these online? Thank you.

Marge said...

hello there:
do try inquiring from:
tell them i sent you ♥

Kristen☆사랑 said...

Thanks for the links! xoxo

Marge said...

you're welcome ♥

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