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my addiction to lippies continues. naturally, i revert back to Korean brands LOL.  first it was Tony Moly's Prestige Crystal Lipsticks with spf13 posted here and now i report on these.  Guess who has a black label line for lippies?! well not just nyx now...but the face shop! tadahhhhh! glorious glorious!  and just ONE SWIPE for these swatches, too!
i'm partial these days to reds, berry reds specially, and this is #10.  i love love this shade on me.  and it's super creamy to apply and moisturizing too.  this doesn't crack my lips and it feels like the revlon colorburst but way way more pigmentation.
the picture i posted on the face shop's wall.  the packaging's so so but what's inside that blew me away.
clearly, camwhoring with this red LOL.
of course i had to buy another shade hahaha.  this time in #7.  a very wearable nudy pink.  this is a tad brighter than nyx's black label in bling (ha! which i have, too, just waiting on cherry to arrive before i post on nyx's black label)
and the pic i posted on the face shop's wall.  kapal ko noh? :P  frankly, i love this black label line from the face shop, they are very pigmented and very soothing to the lips, very very  similar and is awesome competition to revlon's colorburst.  my only issue is that there are only 6 shades that arrived in the Philippines.  LOL and naturally, i'm gonna get the coral or pink one, i mean, naturally!?
AND OPCHORZ, what will my rounds be if i didn't visit Etude House? AN INCOMPLETE RUN that's what LOL.  recently they released a new line of lippies and they call it, LOOK AT MY LIPS.  i got a couple of shades.  shades that i do not think i have anyway.  one very dark, well looks are deceiving and i got myself a bubble gum barbie kinda pink.  hangkyut!  well, they're not as pigmented as my the face shop or nyx soft matte lip creams or nyx matte lipsticks  or covergirl lip perfection lippies, but just one more swipe and you get:
see, at the bottom of the bullet packaging it says look at and on the stick itself it says my lips LOL.
the barbie bubble gum pink.  that at the time went matchy matchy with my blouse.
while this is the #7, not scary anymore LOL.  dang it's almost sheer well with the flash on.
but in normal daylight, you get more color pay off.

Aspect EH TFS
Shades                            5                        6
Coveragetakes about 2 swipes for a full coverageone swipe!
Finishsatin not so glossycreamy not so glossy
Lasting Powerkisses off transfers to my mug/cuplasting, leaves an even tint after i eat
Packagingclear cap to reveal the shadeclassic bullet half cap
Lip Reactiondidn't dry me outsoothing like lip balm
Product StabilityBOTH sticks wobble within the tube bullet stable, aint movin'
Taste/Scentyummy berryno discernible taste or scent
yep cheaper than my beloved covergirl lip perfection lippies.  
i compare the face shop black label to revlon colorburst lipsticks while naturally with a name like that you'd think of nyx's black label line.  the pigmentation comparison is the same, one swipe with either the nyx or the face shop black label and you get fantastic color pay off.
while etude house's look at my lips albeit rather pretty and very princessy high schooly is eggzaklee that, for kids, the pigmentation the shade.
which of the brands will i buy more shades of? you got it, the face shop, for once as in for once i will repurchase something from the face shop, and for once THEY ARE COMPETING with a price like that.  it's competitive with the nyx black label price, it's competitive, as in 40 bucks cheaper than cover girl's lip perfection! and of course it's cheaper than revlon's colorburst.
do i recommend? yes i recommend the face shop's.  just add 27 compared to eh's lippies, then you get a lip balm with super pigmentation.
what's next on my lippie addiction?
Laneige snow crystal moisture lipstick
Lioele - awaiting arrival from kkochipida
and owright, i'll post my colorburst lippie package i bought from duty free hahaha


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