Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon-Bi) Goes off to the Army

yes, it was last year that he was here, he sang 9 songs for us.  yes, i was there, and that video above is my fancam.  he is larger than life, a true show man.  no matter what people say about his face, for me i'd rather stare at him than say lee byung-hun (who plays storm shadow) in the G.I. Joe franchise, but i digress.  no matter what people say about Rain's face, he is truly charismatic on stage.  he is larger than life.  
Rain made me give South Korea a second look and not be immediately dismissive by anything Korean they way a great deal of Filipinos are.  it was because of Rain's feature in Discovery Channel's Hip Korea episode: an excerpt of which is below:
that i discovered why they can be the way the are when see them along our streets. no, i was not a fan of sandara park at the time.  i found the hero-sandara team up masa but look at her now.  Kpop is EVERYWHERE from cosmetics, to beer commercials, to the european MTV awards.  sandara has left the philippine 'entertainment' industry for better opportunities and good for her, hers is the last laugh.  in my case, my preference in music and cosmetics is now korean thanks to youtube, fuzkittie, Rain and this episode of Discovery Channel.
Today Rain enters the mandatory 2year service to the military.  Kpop will live on, good grief they churn out new 'trained' groups almost everyday now.  but it's still Rain, the boys over flowers series, and 2ne1/Big Bang that sealed my attraction to Korean pop culture. 
I will wait for your return.  No goodbyes just great memories.  
thank you for opening my eyes to your world.


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