Wednesday, October 19, 2011

REVIEW: ETUDE HOUSE GREEN TEA NOSE PACK warning pix may gross you out :P

it's getting more difficult for me to review these things, LOL, i should have used this on my hubby!  this is a tape infused with stuff and once you remove the tape it should take with it your black heads, some white heads, and some top layer of skin that need to be sloughed or exfoliated off anyway.
here's the tape.  i actually buy this as a filler.  a filler to reach 500 bucks or 1k to get the freebie.  this is less than 50 i think it's only 38.
this really really smells nice in my opinion, quite herbal but not like pungent newly mown hay or grass.
=( it only harvested one black head
and left behind what i wanted out and a little adhesive.
that's my nose, reddened after the difficult and rather painful peeling of that almost duct tape green tea nose pack.  i never learn.  only the stiff kind of black heads are ever removed by these tapes from my nose.
had to use those metal black head picks you can buy at watson's to get rid of the read of the black heads on my nose.
i don't completely dislike these things, they do on occasion harvest a great deal of black heads from my nose.  but since i've been on the snail cream, i've gotten less black heads and voila, i now have soft oily black heads that are hard to harvest with these things.  
fine to a professional i shall go.
shall i repurchase these things? yeah sure, as fillers if there's a freebie for every 500 or 1k worth of stuff.  do i recommend this? not really, unless you're into pain.  or have the kind of black heads that really protrude as in stick out of your skin already and you'd rather not squeeze to pop them out one by one by one by one and so on LMAO.
i can't even list a like and dislike hahaha, dude, it doesn't work for me, that's about it...
coming up, events from yesterday, Tuesday, October 18, hahaha busy day!


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