Wednesday, October 5, 2011


just yesterday i included a pic of this lipstick base from etude house when i showed y'all my cover girl lip perfection lippies
it was actually fairy tale that made me think of this product O_o
it has a big enough spout for the bb cream smelling primer/base to come out of.
it's slightly watery but very easy to spread, quite dimethicone-y feeling.
that's right marge swatch the thing on the back of your hand as though people can see LMAO.  well as you can see or in this case or not, it's pretty much my skin tone.
and on my lips it makes me paler than i really am.  oh i read on makeupalley that if i put too much it will emphasize the cracks on my lips, true enough it does.  the review on makeupalley goes on to say that it would be best to apply the etude house on top as well.  i bought that recently, too.  i'll review that by next week.  so for now the lipstick base.  it's like a watery bb cream in the way it looks, smell, and blendability. and voila:
the lippie that made me buy this lipstick base to begin with:
this is how fair tale loks like without the lipstick base.  quite dark on my lips which both surprised and disappointed me as it is such a peachy salmon shade when you swatch it and the stick itself a peachy salmon shade, but here it is on my lips without the lipstick base.  and like i mentioned these cover girl lip perfection lippies oxidize on me so by 3-4hours later, this will even get darker, a not so nice looking rusty orange LOL
but woohoo! on top of the lipstick base here it is. tadaaaah.  the peachy salmony shade came out and stayed this way longer looking this way, too.  
leave it to etude house to make me more satisfied about the stuff i buy.  this works well too with my nyx's and my tony moly' more lippie reviews soon hehehe

  • the price LOL it's etude house: PhP298
  • no harsh reactions from my lips
  • it works!  it keeps the lipstick shade from changing color on my lips (keeps from oxidation)
  • provides a good base to cover the natural pigmentation of my lips to reveal the truer shade of the lipstick on the lips (which is what i bought it for to begin with)
  • a little goes a long way
  • kinda scented but the scent dissipates upon application
  • doesn't have any chemically or alcoholy taste
  • convenient packaging
  • available when in stock where ever there's a etude house boutique or kiosk, usually sm (and like they say they're 'growing' what that means is your guess LOL  hopefully it means they're going to grow in other malls like trinoma/ayala malls and of course robinson's malls.
  • can be a little drying, but just a tad
Do i recommend:  do i? YES!
Will I repurchase: hell yeah!



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