Thursday, October 6, 2011


this is a sample tube given to me by Charmaine of as part of my freebies for buying stuff from her.  so basically even online sellers give out freebies because the Korean supplier supply these.
so DISCLAIMER: i may have gotten it for free but i got it like months and months ago so i am not pressured to write reviews on these products, neither Kkochipida nor innisfree pay me to review their products.
Product Description
Innisfree extracts botanical nutrients and essence from organic plants to correct various problematic skin types. By pure, natural, professional and effective therapy, Innisfree creates healthy and energetic skin and pleasant mood. All products are dermatologically tested.
New and highly raved series from Innisfree that contains clay clusters from Jeju Volcanic Island, Green Tea extracts and Mineral Water. This series especially targets clogged / oily / troubled skins as the volcanic clusters work effectively to deep cleanse and unclogs pore over regular use and improve and refines skin texture.
GMO / Mineral Oil / Chemical / Alcohol / Triclosan / Benzophenone & Paraben Free.
Size:  100ml
Made in Korea
How to use:
Apply clay mask over entire face (avoiding eyes & mouth) especially paying attention to blemished areas. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Use 1-2 times a week.
Suitable For:  All Skin Type[s]
hahaha for the promise of luminous skin like their model, Yoona, a member of Girls Generation (SNSD).  hahaha it will take a miracle or nothing short of a miracle with weekly derma treatments and a truck load of skin care,  but the goal is, there you have it, to have clear, flawless, luminous skin.  yeah wow.
but there's no harm in trying. to maintain or improve one's skin.  so now at my age, i'll give this one a go since it's free, it's Kpop idol endorsed, and was requested for a review LMAO.
here it is, it's like wet volcanic ash, hello pinatubo?
and spread out you get a grey ashen coat of the product.  it's very easy to blend and it gives you time to spread out before it completely dries.
ayan, the grudge!
and after.  ready for bed! 
i must confess i do get the monthly zit, at least one or two, and i haven't had a peel ever.  the last time i had a facial was phhhft early this year or worse, back in 2010.  basta not anytime recently.  so i like this do it at home stuff that clean your face extra.
applying this stuff on my face was cool and soothing.  while it was drying it felt quite tingly and tightening.  it didn't crack though when theBenj (the jowa) suddenly made me laugh :P
the effect is really refreshing and squeaky clean.  i tell you though, continued use of my missha liquidly facial cleanser one step milk to peeling, the face shop home aesthetic firming honey pack, and the beauty credit fresh kiwi yogurt pack i'm getting fewer black heads, which i normally get a lot of specially in my t-zone area.  this volcanic ash clay mask is a wonderful addition to my the routine i rotate weekly.
  • the packaging, it's a squeezy tube, at least for this freebie, the packaging for the real deal not sample is in a tub so you need to scoop it out, phhhft
  • very easy to apply and spread out
  • doesn't dry to quickly so i can add more of the pack before it completely dries
  • it's quite easy to wash off 
  • no sticky feeling after it's been washed off
  • lasting soft feeling 
  • it takes a little to cover the entire face
  • no harsh reaction from my skin
  • no harsh scents 
  • not available in the Philippines yet
  • full size jar is in a tub
  • prices of this vary between US$9 to US$16 O_o
do i recommend this? if you're into these clay masks then go for it
will i purchase the full size? not while in it's a tub

what's your mud mask?


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