Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Shopping: Freeway, Etude House, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Korean Teleserye

I got invited to a Tony Moly event for tomorrow and what perfect timing that the pre holiday sale of Freeway began last weekend.  there i was at the Robinson's galeria mall at the end of my shift, i find this nice little number in the pic above and in my favorite color, too.  and it's a limited edition at that.  i got an almost 500 peso discount for this, too.  Thanks Freeway.  I may not be going to your event tomorrow night but I'll be wearing something from you.  Twice already Freeway has been my rescuer when i have events.  the previous one was this nice green number:
oo na, i love green and lemon gold as a TS and VIP these colors i look for LOL.
While at Rob.  i got another shade of their latest lippie in 07, my previous more red one shown below next to the old rose shade is a lippie i got about a week ago and was included in my most recent haul video.
The, the next day Saturday, I thought there would be a makeover booth for tony moly, but then that event was moved to SM North and Manila LOL.  SM Mega didn't allow that branch of Tony Moly to hold an event coinciding with their mall wide sale.  
So I proceed to Etude House at Mega, bought a couple of lippies from their most recent release, the look at at my lips, and was able to do the spin a wheel, and won for myself a mirror ^_^
can't wait to try these lippes.  so far from the lippie madness i've been going through, only the nyx's have been drying me out, the cover girl lip perfection, the tony moly prestige crystal, and the face shop ones are really soothing on the lips, surprisingly! while the nyx matte lipsticks and soft matte lip creams are quite drying.  so wish me luck on these new etude house ones, a couple of the vip's i have from etude dry me out, too, LOL.
While I was walking around mega, singing ave maria (LOL) i got a text from skin food that they too were on sale up to half off.  tadah, and woah, since i've known them, since they opened shop, this is the first time that they brought out so many items to be included in their sale! behold.
i got myself this fresh cabbage hair pack, since the claim or promise is stronger hair and less breakage, i wanted to boost my hairs strength and so i bought it at 50% off. but when i got home and wanted to use it, the product squirted out at the wrong end of the tube and it smelled like old candle wax in the manila cathedral or worse, st jude!
so, instead of me going to the etude house event at east wood the next day, sunday, i had to go back to mega mall, and returned the fresh cabbage hair pack for a new undamaged one.  this one smells nice now and i also purchased a conditioner, the hop beer hair conditioner, with the same promise of stronger hair and hair growth.  so wish me luck.
and as i went back to podium to get a cab, i passed by saint francis sq and purchased a couple of new dramas that recently finished.  hehehe lee min ho.  i missed you.  my ladies, Dek and Tania talked about protect the boss, so i guess i better go watch it, too LOL


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