Sunday, November 20, 2011


 the title says it all.  i saw this lipstick as advertised in the pic above and i quote: "model is wearing ultra moisture rich mousse lipstick in BERRY MAUVY"  so since i'm still all over the fall/winter bold red lips i soooo wanted this.  a bold berry red in a really moisturzing lipstick.
what arrives is this.
from Merriam-Webster:
Definition of MAUVE
1. a : a moderate purple, violet, or lilac color
on my lips, sorry for the chappy lips, hehehe guess what lippie i wore the day before this - clue it isn't any of my covergirl, laneige, tfs, EH's or tm's LOL.
so here's the avon ultra moisture rich mousse lipstick in berry mauve.  yep a lilac color the way merriam-webster said what a mauve should be.
actually, it really is nice, and the formula is really really nice on the lips, moisturizing, does not bleed out of your lip line, and really creamy looking on the lips.  it almost put my colorburst lippies to shame, well almost.
this is a great daytime lip color, the color pay off is quite impressive for a mousse formula, a moisture rich formula at that.  usually the pigment is drowned out on such formulas giving the wearer a sheer wash of color but not this lippie.  i certainly hope the rest of the other 5 shades are just as pigmented as this.
i have to say it, i will never order from a catalogue ever again, or without seeing an item first hand.  i don't get  how Avon can publish a catalogue without checking the shades vs what the model is wearing.  i used to be an avon girl, so i never had this issue as all i had to do is go down to the avon branch that i'm a member of and see the items for myself.  but that was a lifetime and several hobbies ago.

  • the formula super uber creamy
  • no bleeding
  • stays creamy for a while
  • no weird taste
  • no scent
  • moisturizing
  • doesn't dry or chap my lips
  • easy to remove
  • doesn't stain my lips
  • inexpensive - while on promo was PhP199 (regular price is PhP420 O_o)
  • NOT AS ADVERTISED all mauve and no berry
  • the regular price at PhP420, so covergirl and etude house lippies are cheaper, and even the face shop's black label is way cheaper than this
Will I repurchase: no
Do I recommend: i recommend this only if it's on sale like how i got it


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