Monday, November 21, 2011

BAZAAR: Mommy Mundo at the Rockwell Tent

it's a sunday and oh well, haven't been to rockwell for a while and hmmm i should stir clear of trinoma and shang for a bit to keep away from Laneige?
so off the hubby and i go across the river and across edsa and here's where he left me while he goes window shopping at the powerplant mall.

oh pang mommy at buntis hahaha, i told ya i don't read
but here are the high lights of what caught my attention at this bazaar.  the one size fits all diaper cover.  so i guess you insert a diaper in here.  there are two kinds, too.  one is made of bamboo cloth so it's cooler to the touch, while the other is just polyester, so your kid will be like tony manero of saturday night fever hehehe
this i dig, this has this little thing at the back that changes color upon higher temp.  so if your little spawn has a fever it would tell ya.  thus the name, tempalert.
some have donated their higher end clothes for charity, while some have put up a booth and shared their proceeds to charity, too.
the mommy-preneur.  for those moms who wanna give up their day job and go into business who think that they would have more time just cuz they would not be confined in an office.
abs-cbn was there, too.
to feature the bazaar and the gifts, needs, and opportunities that can be seen here.
other brands that were there.  the tub, omg, the balde! ang cute!
but this is what is what i came for.  yeh yeh i'm a sucker for pain and chapped lips and i got myself yet another nyx soft matte lip cream in istanbul hahaha i wanna switch to and fro that and my 3x more expensive laneige in orange bloom.  they are quite similar in color that are nude yet have a little peachy apricot undertone that doesn't really wash me out.  It nice I caught the ladies, Sol and Sophie before they headed out for lunch, and I got nibbled on by Colette again.
other brands like mary kay and sleek was there, too.  but oh well.
over all, i'm glad i went, but clearly i do not read. hahaha, and i didn't even take my own wrong tweet last saturday for me to realize thate the moonlit bazaar was the other weekend.  this was a great bazaar for moms for them to see what's out there and not be confined to what the malls supply them.  this was also a great opportunity for the consumer to have a first hand look at the products they only got to see online.  this was also a wonderful opportunity for online shops to come out and meet their customers and for them to share what their products are about.  thus i learned a new word, the mommypreneur.
most of the stall owners here have a multiply shop, and i brought home with me what seemed like a thick wad of fliers, that i would gladly give to my shobe at work, Tina. LOL


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