Friday, November 4, 2011

Eating Around Ortigas- Ideas for you this weekend

Once again the ortigas couple is back to share their foodcapade ♥ theBenj™ and i were missing Bangkok from when we went last year so here we are, not as lush and posh as simply thai but the food is great and theBenj™ and i often visit this restaurant when we run out of ideas of where to eat.
the interior is simple but really clean and still tries to give the Thai feel.
their thai milk tea, yum.
the cat fish salad.
the not so spicy squid with peanuts
bagoong rice! can be overwhelming.  and unlike other restaurants where their portions or servings get smaller, Jatujak's bagoong rice doubled in quantity per one order ^_^
spicy green beef curry.  and when i say spicy, prepare the tissue kind of spicy!  this is a winner.
last time i talked about Tokyo Cafe was when they were new at SM North.  it's a fusion italian-japanese diner, and the owner is always somewhere in the restaurant.  now he has three branches that i know of, MOA, North, and most recently, Megamall. the owner makes himself visible as much as he can in all of his branches.
they have milk tea, too!
the sea food pasta, this is yumm and theBenj™ 's staple when we visit tokyo cafe.
and this i wanted to try the eel.
the chicken cheese roll that came last, but should come first LOL...but it was worth the wait.
lastly, Cyma, located at the Shangrila Mall, just walking distance from Megamall.
 the padiaki spell check, note to self, stop fiddling with your phone or you'd be left with just 2pieces of this because your hubby ate most of it! :P
 the roasted lamb ribs....yummm, both the rice and the roasted lamb ribs are heavenly
but this I REALLY LIKE.  the angel hair sea food pasta.
Hehehe clearly eating at Cyma would be the most expensive out of the three restaurants i've featured here, for the 3 orders we had, the entire bill cost around 1300, while the price range of jatujak and tokyo cafe are nearly the same.
what are your plans this long weekend?


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