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GATTACA - One of my favorite movies

wow i wrote this back in 2008? it was also a sunday when hbo-asia ran this and clearly my routine has not changed as i saw this movie again on hbo asia, in its entirety, again. and most likely i'd do it again. and i feel the same way about this movie as when it first showed, and nearly every time it's rerun goes on hbo.
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Genre:Science Fiction & Fantasy
it's been about a year since i last saw this movie, and once again, like the creature of habit that i am, as with all movies that stick to my head, as hbo started gattaca, i sat down, started it, never lifting a finger to press to any other csi sunday special, and watched gattaca yet again for the entire duration.
for the youngins out there that refuse to remember anything prior to the millenium, gattaca is a story of a dystopic society, yes, dystopic, a little like equilibrium or the first matrix movie. this time what is wrong with this society is that if your genetically inferior, you can't get good work, or anywhere in society. the story is the journey of a young man trying to get to one of the moons of saturn, prove himself worthy of his parents' love, to himself, equal to his brother.
i love the fashion, somekinda 60's but isn't, rather appropriate since the story also revolves around going to some moon. i even like the cars with the fins, fetching i would say, and in tone with the 60's lunar, yet futuristic theme.
after seeing the movie a dozen times before, i can move forward in appreciating the little things that made me like the movie in the first place. how the real hero is the med tech dude that takes his piss, how jude law is actually the protagonist and ethan hawke was the support. 
as usual it made me teary eyed at the end when the med tech saved the day. yes, i am a sap.
i like it because everything seemed so clean, not too noisy, a little like star trek or at least what i like about star trek, gattaca tries to be utopic but isn't. the movie has cool technology but isn't overwhelming that it takes over the movie. i like how the main protagonist, ethan hawke, triumphed over his own issues and of the society's. it now feels quite insane that jude law's character felt it was necessary to do what he had to do in the end for that really nice neatly tide up feeling in the end. but how else would it have gone?
if this movie's view of the future were to happen, i would jump at the chance to make sure that my children had the advantages i did not. it is a physical thing, one would still need a soul or one would be a total bore. but i would go to a geneticist and pick the best parts of me and of my beau. SERIOUSLY, I WOULD.
check out the top 50 dystopian movies of all time, makes sense, gattaca is there at 25. CLICK HERE

and yes, naiyak nanaman ako when the medtech saved the day and everyday since Vincent (Ethan's character) started at Gattaca.

one last - words of inspiration -
"I only lent you my body, you lent me your dream" - Jerome Morrow - Gattaca

hehehe i miss the format of multiply, you have the blog area, you have the reviews, you have the photo albums, but google, blogger is where's it is at so here i am as well. so what did you do on your sunday afternoon?


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