Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Eats on the Higher End

As some of you may have noticed, i've been frequenting Shangri La Mall.  i like it there, there's less people and laneige and lunasol are there and even hehehe esprique :P 
this includes hehehe great restaurants. it was my man's idea to come to Cafe Provencal so off we went and here's my report.  
you get bread and dijon kinda mayonnaise. 
theBenj's order.  a two piece pork chop, very FINEly chopped, but quite tender and tasty actually.
my order, wow, this was almost orgasmic.  the salmon and risotto.  the risotto is super love! the salmon is bleh, a tad gammy but that's they way salmon lightly cooked is supposed to taste like anyway.  it's 1k plus plus for two orders.
recently, i got the deal grocer voucher for a steak dinner at the establishment particularly at the crystal room. it was a swanky dinner i wanted to give theBenj for his birthday night.  so here we are.
apparently, everyone and their grandma has shot of this chandelier but her's mine.
but here's the crystal room, it's quite behind the establishment pub/bar type area.
a shot from our table, my wine and our tiny lighting.
my salad, yep, it looks as little as it looks.  sorry for the bad lighting, i didn't bring my trusty lumix at the time.
my sea bass, omg, my sea bass.  this made me glad i went and got those vouchers!
and my hubby's steak, almost rare, which is really how you have steak anyway.
our pistachio cake.  kinda bland but it was ok. this made me a fan of group sites, namely dealgrocer.  i've puchased another voucher fr deal grocer, the shu uemura 9hour class deal, so wish me luck.
Recently, my office mates and I were given the opportunity to have lunch, and we didn't foot the bill. not at the usual 7 corners, but the floor above, to Xin tian di.
the view of the kitchen.
the interior.
and a few of what i had from the dim sum buffet.
fried rice and dimsum, YUM.
the inside of this is salmon, i think and egg yolk, it reminded my boss of century egg for some reason, must be the yolk.  but this explodes in your mouth in juicy goodness!
more dim sum.
and coffee pudding.  which is actually not half bad.  
xin tian di food was not terrible.  it didn't give me a head ache as a lot of Chinese restaurants do.  however the service was really really really slow.  this mocha drink is actually their second attempt at giving me the hot coffee i had ordered at the start of the lunch.  this arrived LAST.  by second attempt, i mean, the first one they served was actually luke warm.  not hot, certainly not piping hot as i like my coffees to be.  this coffee was actually not half bad which is to say, it's only half good.
over all, as you know, my preference is italian, middle eastern, indian, korean, and japanese cuisine.  filipino and chinese are hardly my choice of food when going out.  but i'd eat chinese food if the bill is shouldered by someone else LOL.  i just won't go out of my way and have chinese food at the crowne plaza if i had to pay for it.  specially not now, after experiencing xin tian di's uber slow service.  i think they don't make coffee here, this was brewed and prepared downstairs either at 7 corners or that little coffee shop they have on the ground floor near the lobby, i forget what that's called LOL, or worse, this came from the hotel kitchen, deep in the bowels of the hotel, so by the time it got to me, tap water is warmer!

but the Chinese food i've ever had has been in the Philippines, the Chinese  food i had in Sg was pretty good.  So I'm actually quite excited with the prospect of eating nothing but Chinese food next week when i travel again.

what have you had lately?


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