Friday, November 11, 2011

Hair Fall Prevention - New from Lush STIMULATING SPICE SHAMPOO and hair care from Skin Food

i've been trying to grow new hair to no avail, i thought i ought to go back to lush and see if this new shampoo bar would help. this is one of the newer items from lush.
I had tried Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy for a good 5 and half weeks, i just ran out of patience waiting for the little hairs to come out.  i mean c'mon, if i keep shaving/plucking my armpit and eye brows, and i'm not running out of eye lashes, one can conclude that i am alive and is still producing dead cells to push out hair.  but not on the top of my head.  note to my readers, i'm not on any hormonal treatments, special diets [clearly with all my food entries], and i'm not taking any special medication.
some of the hair care i've been trying are Korean such as Skin food cabbage hair pack and the hop beer conditioner.  both of which i've been using for a month now. 
My experience with falling hair is actually just about a year and a half.  my hair was quite short for the longest time as in complete with bob cut at the back:
i've tried other stuff, too, like clear and pantene and my description are as follows:
1.) Local Shampoos that say anti hair fall - pantene and  clear.  loved the scents of the shampoos from both pantene and clear.  but that pantene anti hair fall conditioner in the picture below smells like cream cheese with a little coconut oil.  something i can't get accustomed with.  some people may like that, i don't.
each time  i use either brand there is less hair that i pick up around the drain.  but i still get breakage, so my brush still pick up more hair than i should loose.  it would be a miracle if there would be hair growth having used these really commercial, for the masses produced products, i didn't expect any hair growth and i didn't get any.
2.) Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy - i used this for 5 straight weeks, i loved the sweet lady like (so not matronly strong) scent. the hair lost and end up around the drain or picked up by my brush was cut down to HALF.  as in there was less hair for me to pick up around the drain of the shower area when i use this shampoo.  so since my hair is long, i'd keep scalp area sudsy with this shampoo and wash the rest of my hair with something else.  this shampoo is a tad drying and makes your hair stiff.  so i'd shampoo half the length of my hair with something milder like lush's big. i then condition that half of my hair (away fr the scalp) while my scalp was still sudsy with this Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Shampoo.
so i lost less hair, but didn't grow new ones.  nneeeehxtt!
3.) Skin Food Cabbage Pack - at half off, a replaced product but still a popped up container, meaning to say even the replacement, the last stock they had, the top still tore and exploded when i began to squeeze out content
my relationship with this product didn't start off well.  so i placed the entire content in a tub container i still kept from suds n sass and began to use it.  this replacement item smells better out of it's original container, so it was the original container that i smelled to be of old candle wax.  moving forward. I LOVE THIS ON MY HAIR, HOMAYGAHD LAMANG.  my hair ends up so soft but not oily/greasy at 2nd day hair.  i did notice less breakage after a couple weeks using this.  (i use it 2-3x a week).  morals of the story, first impressions don't last AND always give something a second chance.
4.) Skin Food Hop Beer Conditioner - wow this thing smells strong.  like a guy's after shave.  but the scent doesn't stay on the hair too long.  this is a good conditioner.  but most likely better used with its partner shampoo.  this conditioner softens any hair untouched by either the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Shampoo or by number 5, the lush stimulating spice shampoo bar. 
so lastly:
5.) Lush Stimulating Spice Shampoo bar - the main and first picture up top. got this about three weeks ago at the serendra branch.  it feels rather minty on the scalp and leaves my scalp feeling squeaky clean similar to how the  Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Therapy Shampoo leaves my scalp after i rinse it off.  but this lush shampoo bar is only PhP425 the schwarzkopf is 1300 O_O
the effect - whatever hair that still came off after using the schwarzkopf? was even cut down to half by this lush shampoo bar.  what i like about these shampoo bars from lush (so not the body hard soaps) is that they last and last.  the store and the website claims i can use this daily for a good 3mos til i have to get a new bar.  but i recall using their jumping juniper lavender shampoo bar for 6 or even more months.
granted, i've only been using this for three weeks, so i've yet to see little hairs popping up in my scalp but i like the fact that i only loose less than 8 strands of hair around the drain now as compared to triple that amount.  oo obsessed ako nabibilang ko.  and yes, though i know natural hair fall is about 80 strands a day, with the kind of thin/fine strands i have i don't think it's pretty if i lost more.  i feel my hair belongs to a 5yr/o.
to help out my scalp even more i decided to just chop off half of my hair from this:
to this:
my head feels so light! and my diaper bag's straps don't trap and break my hair anymore LMAO.
well, it will be a concerted effort from lush and skin food to make my scalp pop out new strands, wish me luck won't you?


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