Friday, November 25, 2011

Holika Holika HD Skinny Primer Base a must try

 Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetics company endorsed by CN Blue a kpop band, yes, band as in like you know, instruments.  i like cn blue's music, it's not your usual pop spew kids gobble up like they do newly popped and buttered corn.  being a brand endorsed by a good band, holika holika interested me.  i got this as a sample when i bought holika holika stuff in Sg.
 i was expecting something like a bb cream, a primer with a little coverage.  but this is a white cream, which unfortunately smells like rubber O_o
 and it dries clear.
 not reflective and has a matte finish
 when this pic was taken i used my kanebo mineral foundation, and it made the foundation last all day and i needed less blotting through out the day
 and the next day i used my photoready
 and does make it last all day. 
i like how it kept my face from really being oily and i only had to blot about once the entire shift.  and even when using the photoready which has like almost zero oil control, i wasn't too oily.  i get oily with that even while i'm in airconditioned office but not while i used the holika holika hd skinny primer.
  • very easy to spread
  • matte finish
  • i had no allergic reaction no welts no severe reactions
  • didn't affect the finish of the foundation i was wearing that day, my kanebo mineral still retained it's matte finish and my face retained the dewy glow of the photoready
  • that little sache is gonna last me a couple of more days, why? it takes just a tiny drop for my entire huge face LOL
  • doesn't affect my photographs with or without flash
  • still not available in the Philippines 
  • smells like rubber with alcohol for about 5 seconds 
  • i do not know how much it is LOL, lazy to go online, but i'll find out for you by next week
no spf - i guess that's ok since my foundation has spf and i can spritz on sun screen from TM or EH and my finishing powder from Holika Holika the strawberry pore magic cover  has spf, too, spf50 at that!

Do i recommend? yeah, i do, specially for women who dislike bb creams and for those who prefer just a normal primer and a foundation on top
Will i purchase the full size? maybe

what's your primer lately hahaha parang pintura lang :P


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