Monday, December 5, 2011

CLOSED: Kikaytrekkie's Holiday 2011 Giveaway-now with ADDITIONAL PRIZES!

ADDITIONAL Prizes!  Thank you for your overwhelming response to my giveaway!  Please pray for my excel sheet and mister fruit machine as they will be handling your names once i enter them.
AS PROMISED, tweeted and announced on my facebook page, imma gonna add more prizes, so here they are below.  
in case someone asks, now there are four (4) sets of prizes.  so there will be one other person that may receive this new set of items below.  again, from this giveaway there will be four (4) recipients.  kindly follow the rules below.
Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored by any company. I bought a crap load of stuff to get these. While for the Clinique stuff, these are items that were given to me by Clinique for giving my support to bloggers Shen and Nikki.  As you know i hardly use western brands and these Clinique items would be better off with ladies who'd actually use them.
Now for the giveaway, so it's really not a contest per se, this is a giveaway. this is for people who comment below and who ultimately get chosen by the fruit machine god to be recipients of the items below. 
A Clinique set:
Korean cosmetics and skin care ;-)
more Korean stuff ^_^
all of these items are unused.  i would like to give these items a new loving home.
there will be three (NOW 4) recipients but in no particular order. meaning no 3rd, 2nd, and grand prize recipients, just gift recipients.   so one recipient will receive the clinique stuff in the first picture, another receives the stuff with the face shop, body shop, etude house and that skin food lilac eye shadow in the 2nd picture.  while another recipient will receive the tony moly stuff, with the tomatox, floria, the mask, etude house makeup and that clinique mascara.  click on the pictures to enlarge them to see what you'll be getting if mister fruit machine picks your name.  may the fruit machine god/goddess choose the best. (click here to find out what fruit machine is)
my rules are simple, no more egg hunt and are below:
  1. recipients must be a subscriber or subscribe to my youtube channel,
    don't worry i never delete the notification emails from youtube telling me that so and so subscribed to my channel. so i can search you out.  kindly indicate your youtube name 
  2. recipents must be a fan of my page and must comment something on the post that announces this giveaway, being able to comment on my fanpage posts tells me that you have clicked on the like button on my fb page ;-)
  3. recipients must join my blogger by clicking join, this is the google friend connect, kindly adv me of your gfc name, pls, ty

Additional entries for recipients will be given to those:
all entries are worth 1 pt.  meaning if you did(are) all 4 and my guess the year i graduated from PLM-OM, i enter your name 5 times on the fruit machine.
This giveaway will start on today November and end on December 10.  Open to ALL friends of this blog, youtube channel, and fans, residing in the Philippines.
hahaha please don't say enter me, please LMAO, i'm a BSPT/med grad, we're naturally bastos LOL :P


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