Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lippies vs Lippies Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul vs Laneige Moisture Instense Lipstick in Orange Bloom

It is no secret that i love Korean cosmetics, clearly, with this entire blog, i've dedicated a good portion of my time and personal money in hoarding Korean cosmetics and until recently, Korean Pop Culture aka kpop merch.  but by no means i won't stray now and again and find a dupe here and there for my korean luvies.  and recently, it was a pleasant surprise that my recent tiis ganda (bear it to be pretty) lip item, WHEN WORN, looks exactly the same as my current go to, au naturelle (nude) lippy.  presenting, Istanbul.
yeh Istanbul looks pinker and orange bloom, as the name suggests looks more orangey.
oh ha, kung maka pose naman si ateh Marge, sexy ka? LOL.  on the left lip is Laneige's orange bloom while on the right lip is Nyx's Istanbul.
and a difference in lighting only gives a slight difference in hue but look eGGzaklee the same on my lips, colorwise.  after a while if i don't apply clear lip balm on the part where i applied istanbul on, it'll CRACK.  yep, all of my soft matte lip creams after about an hour look like my mom's garden on a bad summer, cracked (kasi walang bermuda hahaha).
on the lips the only difference between the two is the finish.  one is on the satin creamier side and the other cracked ested creamy matte side.  click on the pic below and see.
ay did i say the only difference, ahmmm price tag, one was PhP280 at the   recent mommy mundo bazaar at the rockwell tent at Digital Train Case's booth.  while the laneige, signed by song hye go on mass produced scale, is PhP950.  so this is more on your preference. if you like high end then there's this, Nars, etc.  but if you prefer to buy more for as little amount then it's the nxy.  (meaning kung gusto mo makarami ng items to try out then magdrugstore dupe ka).  if you have a clear lipgloss, that hmmm will not play tug of war with the pigment from the nyx on your lips (since the creaminess of the formula tends to make it ball up on itself) then Istanbul is a near perfect dupe for the orange bloom.  


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