Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Rant: Close Up Fire - Freeze Dual Sensation

yep, you read it right, this is a product rant.  though i've been using closeup nearly all of my life except for the times that it's out of stock and that i had to buy colgate, and the few moments of my life that i want to experiment and bought maxam, it is usually closeup that i buy.  in my opinion, it's less starchy and not watery at all compared to colgate which in my opinion is both watery and starchy if that's even possible.
so apart from that really idiotic ad with the something something marathon, they make the marathoners brush their teeth with this toothpaste and they run their marathon and the people who were in the marathon profess how outstandingly fresh and still tingly their mouths are as though they had just brushed!  i like the simple ones that speak the native language of tagalog, but the ones with the colehyala accent that sound like minney mouse, sya pa talaga yung unang nagsalita, it's ear piercing and is really quite enough for me to switch channels.
but like i said, i am a closeup toothpaste user so i wanted to try out the new one sans thinking about that horrible ad.
like the closeup white now, this doesn't come with a flip cap, a minor inconvenience, but a convenience none the less.  the blue and red doesn't come out evenly either.
but here's my rant.  so some would say, eh ate marge, how do you know it isn't the current product you're trying out that's causing the skin irritation?  it's clear to me that it isn't the primer base i'm currently using causing these skin irritation because i only get these welts, heads, and small zits around my mouth and not my entire face.  (i apply the holika holika hd skinny primer base on my entire face).
yep and the bigger black heads develop around the chin, where the suds from the toothpaste would accumulate before eventually dripping on the sink.  and yes, i take my time to brush my teeth.  about two minutes per side, and not two minutes for the entire set of teeth that i have.
the black heads that i develop thanks to this toothpaste are the really stiff/hard ones that are easy enough to pick out when i'm bored and when my hands is actually, not on my mobile or keyboard.
the thing is, they so easily develop that the hubby and i aren't even half way through the entire tube that i've already developed and healed at least 10 of these small black heads that eventually will turn into cystic zits if i don't pull them out while stiff.  
yep, been using this more than a week already, thus my chin area looks the way it is in the pic.
and no, my mouth don't stay all tingly fresh for more than 30mins, sa daldal kong ito, noh. after 30 years (di ko na maalala kung anong ginagamit naming toothpaste when i was 0-6) imma gonna give up on closeup. kaka inis.
and the name??? dual sensation??? ano toh? clue it starts with a c and the last letter is an m


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