Sunday, November 6, 2011

REVIEW: LANEIGE SNOW BB CREAM great for day or night!

back when i started my Korean addiction, Laneige had just arrived in the Philippines.  their flagship store is in Trinoma.  now they have three shops that i know of, Trinoma, the first one, SM Moa, and most recently, Edsa Shangrila Mall (Crossings)-kaching!  just walking distance from where the fx drops me off when i go to megamall, LMAO.
So how i do i get these samples? eeeeezeee, buy stuff from them.  laneige lippie post within the week, y'all.
I was quite hesitant to buy this bb cream as it didn't really work out for my sister in law, so much so she gave it to the young lady that takes care of her kid, aka yaya/nanny.  
so fine, i gave it a go, it's just a sample anyhow if it didn't work out at least i didn't invest in it.  the sa said they only give out the natural beige [2nd] shade.  so ok, just like other korean shop, their samples are of the 'darker' shade.  i use that loosely cuz look at this! 
it is with a heavy heart that i announce that my wonderful Laneige UV SPF40 PA++ reviewed here has been discontinued.  and well, why wouldn't they now that they have a bb cream.
ingredient list:
on my face, ey, awesome coverage, i actually forgot to apply concealer under my eyes. not bad.  pic below taken without flash.
and below with flash.  not too reflective and the shade matches my skin, kinda.  the finish sorta matte.  it smells great, too.
but once upon a time, i got a sample of their snow crystal dual foundation spf 22 PA+ which i reviewed here.  
finally i get to use it, and it still works! this of course is the 'darker' shade.
hoWleefrak, i love the combination.  i forgot how i love love this foundation.  forgive me laneige for getting sidetracked. imma gonna buy you this december, i promise! i just don't know what i'll do with the concealer on top LOL, still!  pic below is taken without flash and the foundation is on top of the bb cream  
and below with flash.  the finish is luminous without being too bright and shimmery, really really natural looking brightening or luminous effect.  no sparkles.
my setting powder is the revlon colorstay mineral aqua (you guys know how i love that) and here's what came out.  slightly 'darker' or natural looking than my usual.  do you see the slight difference of fairness from my face to my neck and chest? pic below is taken without flash.
below with flash.
and you betcha i'll get the foundation either in HK or next pay day.  this foundation at the Changi Airport Duty free is SG$47.5 around PhP1700++ converted.  at Laneige Philippines, this is sold for PhP1650, then naturall i'd say it's a done deal.  
but things are generally cheaper in HK compared to SG so i'll see my luck there for the foundation.
the likes and dislikes below will be about the bb cream since i've already reviewed the foundation here, and guess what, i still feel the same way about it.

  • the scent, it's so lady like, not baby powder scent for high school or elementary but very lady like yet not matronly
  • the coverage, medium to buildable full coverage!
  • spf 41 pa++ not the best but it's way up there.
  • lasting power, lasted all day
  • didn't cake up the foundation
  • didn't break me out
  • didn't oxidize thank gawd, (since i had the 'darker' one lol)
  • oil control, 3.5/5 [1-being the lowest 5-being the highest] i'd still have to blot the oils away at least once or 2x a day in an airconditioned office and i don't move around a great deal.
  • moisturizing
  • whitening - i'd be afraid if i get any fairer LOL and by just using bb creams
  • anti-wrinkle - i've only used it for 5 days (my minimum for trying out the bb cream for something to give me a zit, which in this case didn't)
  • i guess the price? but then it's high end, so i can't dictate that, but it's actually less expensive here in Manila than at the Changi Duty free so i guess it shouldn't be so whiny.
    This Laneige bb is cheaper than my shu uemura which is 2k when i bought it, while the clinique bb cream reviewed here (though only around 1400+ at Changi airport) is 1,850 here Manila, so Laneige's bb is a tad cheaper than Clinique's at least here in Manila.
  • currently only 2 shades
Do i recommend this? - definitely, specially to those who like bb creams, like high end, and are interested in Korean cosmetics
Will I purchase? - you bet- i loved it so much, that i bought the full size and this time i bought the luminous shimmer one, so not the 'darker' one.
oh Laneige how could i have gotten side tracked? never again
imma to just stick to what i know and what got me going on this blogging thing which are: Korean or Asian cosmetics [yez, me wants to try kevin beauty maker, esprique/kose, fascio, hera, and the rest] kpop stuff, and of course, food blogging.
my next purchases would be their holiday stuff hahaha already in the shelves.
my next laneige post would be about their awesome lippies my gawd, super non-drying/chapping!


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