Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As you know i follow Korean cosmetics because of their endorsers.  Nature Republic is no different.  I have a big poster of RAIN when he was the main endorser for Nature Republic.  
I heard that Nature Republic opened at opposite poles of the metro and while i wait i finally use their brightening mask sheet, a gift from a friend.  thanks, Mai!
ah these three, the survivors, in my opinion the victors and the talent.  from left to right we have Junsu, one of my first favorites since he's the weirdo. in the middle is the over-singer, Jaejong, and leader's bff, and there's mister talent himself, Yoochoon.  they are the three that left the biggest KPOP group called TVXQ or DBSK - the rising gods from the east (translated).  one of the first Koreans that filled the humongous tokyo dome at least twice.  and one of the first Koreans to have sung a theme song for a Japanese anime - a sign that a kpop group is no longer kpop but Japanese.   
all this Korean thing? apart from the rest of the world, their real target is Japan.  i will stop there, before i really step in 'it' politically-correct-fully speaking.  so i go back to the product, hahaha.
ther are instructions but are in Hangeul but the diagram is simple enough to follow, and since i can read some Hangul, i read that the i should keep this soaked on my face for about 25mins.
the ingredients are at least in english.
 this covers the entire face with a little room for men or women that have bigger faces.  what i really liked about this is that the mask is wet but not dripping wet.  i've had experience with masks that drip, so dripping that it drips down to my neck. LOL.  so this was a nice surprise.
 i keep it on for 25mins.  it had the greatest minty refreshing feeling, THE ENTIRE time i had it on.
 after i wash it off with just plain tap water.  a fresh face and ready for bed.
and yes, i wear scrubs at night, hahaha buhay pa til now, a remembrance from days of old.
  • nice size since it considers men's longer faces or people that may be bigger than i or mine but the product is NOT too big that it reaches my hairline
  • the cool refreshing feeling the entire time i had it on
  • hardly noticeable scent, very fresh scent but hardly noticeable
  • no harsh skin reaction as in no stinging, no weird tightening of the skin, no surprise welts or zits the next day
  • nice convenient packaging, a tad smaller than missha's and the face shop's face sheets.
  • easy to wash off at the end of the 25mins
  • my skin was left feeling soft, supple and velvety soft 
  • velvety soft feeling remained throughout the night until i had to wash again in the morning
  • sorta brightening? right? well i think so
  • NONE
i'm glad i have another piece of this.  this is a mask i'd wear again.  somehow i couldn't bring myself to use the others, from the competitive brands, either they're too big, or too dripping wet.  
currently there are two nature republic branches one in the south, festival mall, and another up north, at sm lagro.  
I've yet to find out about their prices.  i've waited this long.  i can wait a little more til they open up shop in other branches.  but other beauty bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, generally give Nature Republic products good reviews.  I can't wait to try some more and report back to you all.


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