Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've been meaning to review this product like forever, and lucky enough, each time that Skin Food Megamall has their bonga discount sale(s), this live powder mask green tea and milk is something they wanna dispose of LOL. since i like this item, i got one in their last sale.  if you click on the picture above the instructions are actually in english.  but everything else is in hangul.
the cup (noodle) hehehe actually contain two packets of product.  one is for the green tea powder and the other is the activator liquid they call milk. if you click on the picture below you will see a middle picture depicting the liquid activator, or milk as they would call it drip from the sachet as a clear viscous liquid.
i mix it up til i'm assured that no powder has been left unturned.
and i apply the entire, as in the entire content onto my face avoiding the eye areas.
boy this thing mud paste thing smells soooooo good.  not like grass but newly brewed green tea, sorta roasted green tea, samkinda. 
the instructions say to keep the mask on for 5mins or before it dries, so being in a tropical country it will take more than 5mins to dry this mask.  so i washed it off with plain tap water as i felt the mask start to have crust here and there on my cheeks, so more or less ten minutes.  (i was not in an airconditioned room nor was i seated near any electric fan)
this has got to be one of the most refreshing masks i've ever tried (apart from last weeks mask from NR).
my face felt so refreshed but not tingly and not being stretched like how some toners make my skin feel, stretched like drying.
hehehe excuse me for the chapped lips, y'all know who i love my bold colored lippies even if they dry me out. ha! i got a new one, in instanbul.  hehehe i love the shade! i'll post that soon.  anyway...
  • the scent, so soothing and refreshing
  • instructions are in english and easy to follow
  • was NOT drippy, so that thick goop you saw on my face? it didn't drip or stain my white blouse that clearly i didn't think about that i didn't wrap a towel around my neck 
  • no harsh skin reactions like welts, redness, itchiness, allergic reaction.
  • didn't make me sneeze (hmmm say what?) you read right, it just smelled nice and it didn't make me sneeze
  • there was some tightening but it wasn't stretchy drying feeling while the mask was on
  • felt very cooling while the mask was on
  • DIG THIS Y'ALL - IT WAS EASY TO REMOVE - i thought it would be goopy sticky but it slides right off and comes off in easy chunks, and not dry chunks but like moist clay.  i didn't make a mess of my sink is the point i want to make.
  • my skin felt so velvety after i washed it off
  • that feeling stayed til the next morning
  • Skin food prices in Manila are quite expensive so i can really get this on sale which are few and far in between, so i grab the chance and get this when there's a sale.
Will I repurchase: yes!
Do I recommend: definitely
will i brew my own green tea use that on my face instead? errrr me iz lazy


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