Monday, November 14, 2011

Tony Moly's Clear Magic Lip & Eye Remover and The Face Shop's Herb Clear Lip & Eye Make-up Remover

I've got several makeup removers, and depending on my mood on a particular evening i'd go through the entire regimen of makeup removal or just use my trusty herb day lip & eye makeup remover since it can remove even my waterproof eye makeup.
i've got this clear magic from tony moly at  PhP398 which is twice the price of what i'm used to with my usual from etude house lip & eye remover.  but at the time, a great deal of etude house's stock was stuck at customs so here i am at tony moly and bought this as i couldn't wait for etude.
everything is in Korean so unless you can read korean then below is the ingredient list, instructions etc will not be meaningful to you.
i love how this one performs.  this is all with one swipe, i just let the cotton soak on my lashes and lash line for about 5-10seconds and voila.  this, just like my etude, this doesn't sting my eyes.
then when there was this one time theBenj and I couldn't go home because of typhoon Pedring and had to buy this. the labels are in english and properly labeled as a makeup remover instead of something to remove your eyes and lips.  it also claims to be for sensitive skin.
the ingredient list, directions and product description is also in english.
below is the aftermath of using this.  O_o not as much removed specially the difficult stuff to remove such as my lioele liquid liner and my majolica majorca lash expander.  this doesn't sting my eye either.  it just take a lot longer to soak my lids in the cotton with the product for more of my make up to come off.  maybe an additional 10seconds.
this also feels very filmy around the lids after i've wiped the product off. it feels heavy on my lids.
Aspect Tony Moly The Face Shop
Content 150ml130ml
Effectivity on Eye Makeup4/5 takes a quicker time to remove waterproof makeup2.5 / 5 takes a longer time to remove waterproof makeup
Effectivity on Lipstick3/5 yep i have to wipe more times4 / 5 have to wipe less times
Harsh Skin Reactionnonenone
Harsh Eye Reactionnonenone
Cloud in the Eyedoes NOT make my eye go cloudy after usedoes NOT make my eye go cloudy after use
Scentperfumey sea breeze type of scent light citrusy scent
Oily Residuenonethere is, there i times when i feel i have to wash with a foaming cleanser to remove it

given the fact that the face shop's makeup remover is more than hundred bucks for less content and gives me a filmy residue, it's a safe bet that my vote goes to tony moly even if the scent can throw one of if one is not used to something as perfumey as that.
both products do what they're supposed to one better than the other either for the eye or for the lip.  it comes down to your loyalty or budget.  i'm for budget which is back to etude house for 150ml for a whopping PhP198 LOL

what do you use to remove your eye makeup?


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