Monday, November 7, 2011

trying a new blogger app eat eat eat!

though theBenj and i just had two days in this supposed longoing weekend, we still managed to get around and have some good eats.

we visited trinoma and ended up at shomal.  i haven't eaten at hussein's in almost a decade. lol i remember hussein's to be this side street resto next to bob and jo's this bar in makati ave eons ago.

we had our staple sweet lassi which theBenj said twas the best he's had in so long.

we had spicy lamb kebab with long grain rice.  we had some shrimp andwe even ordered up extra biryani rice hahaha

i even brought back some of that biryani home

the booth we had was a table surrounded by curtains.
for sweets we had gelato

i had the dark chocolate

while theBenj had the biscoti

back in mega though we went to c2

where we had the crispy tadyang sinigang

some tortang alimango

and some fried rice

while theBenj had some ginumis

hahaha i wonder how this post will turn out lol
Answer:  the pictures got all bundled up together up top while the description and kwento was all bundled below the last pic, the ginumis LMAO

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