Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kikaytrekkie's Holiday Giveaway Recipients and bloggers' giveaway announcments

First of all i would like to thank all of you who joined my holiday giveaway.  i was specially humbled by the comment left by Bettina Székány.  hopefully soon i will have another giveaway and this time i'll open it internationally.
I am deeply moved by the comments and the number of people who joined this giveaway.  most of all by some of the people who have been youtube subbies since i started on youtube! i promise to make more vids from now on.  
without further delays, here are the names that the fruit machine god/goddess chose for us tonight.  i used the names you used on the disqus comment box, in case someone asks.
now of the 4 names,  who gets what?  naturally i used the fruitmachine again LOL and tadaaaahhh:
dwardwarbinx gets the mostly tony moly stuff
airahkim gets the mostly the face shop stuff:
clair gets the clinique stuff!:
drumrollllllll please?
who gets the mostly laneige stuff?
missbisckt2002 does, that's who!
now i realize you've skipped my dramatic intro and scrolled down to the pics, but for those who have the time and before you unsubscribe, unfollow, and unlike hahaha i'm a realist, do try to join my blog mate's giveaways as well:
Join Sugar's Holiday giveaway, click here
Des of Chicsassymom also has an ongoing Skin Food giveaway just click here for more deets.
mister or miss fruitmachine chose from 284 entries from 83 people that took the time to follow, subscribe, like, join and take a guess.
of those 284 entries here are the chosen name by the fruit machine god or goddeSS.
The newer folks that joined the holiday giveaway, hello, as you can see i mostly blog/vlog about korean and asian cosmetics.  and i do the reverse, when there's a el cheapo western brand i try to find the Korean dupe of it hahaha, addict lang.  hopefully, you can stay and comment, specially if my tenses are incorrect, when i'm missing a thought, and when my verbs don't agree with my subject. that tells me that you're reading my posts!
to the names that the fruit machine picked please message me via the contact me form on this blog so that i can ship your stuff to you by wednesday so by friday you can have them already.
pls provide your name
cellphone number
and complete address with zip
click here for the contact me form.
thank you and til next time!


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