Thursday, December 29, 2011

KpopNation 2011 At the Sm Megamall Megatrade Hall 2and3

 Just a quick post from phone:
My second to the last event event of 2011. The kpopnation. A tad silent for me this with the absence of two of my girls, T who's down with the flu while Dek is marooned in the states.
look the face shop is there for make overs!
hay my stamp nga pala, nakakahawa sya sa damit =(
Naturally i'd be there for my favorite fandom.  So much loot to be had AND finally sellers with quality printing. Yey hindi tinipid ang ink.  Henecia! the fan club of our dear leader .... Kim Hyun Joong [hehehe kala nyo sinong Kim? not the Jong Il one]  Henecian's had one of the best merchs as per quality of printing, choice of pics of leader and types of items.  
 ay Eli ang gwapo mo as always
 more stuff
ayan ang 1:43 sus ginoo, swear i heard one of them say that they'll be in an event that will promote opm.  ok,  i just think it isn't tasteful to promote that in a KOREAN POPULAR CULTURE festival
 weeee geo lenses.
 orig mags
 hehehe beanies
kpop mugs!

I miss my girls.

But i'm hoping to see hero T in friday for our last event.

stupid blogger ap didn't upload the pix, fine LOL

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