Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LIPPIE Review - Skin Food vs Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

For a change LOL, Skin Food naman.  since the Laneige LR09 i've been jonesing for is still out of stock.  i felt it was time to come back to skin food again. LOL.  truth be told, i feel that the Laneige LR09 is more similar to San Paolo than this #1 shade from Skin Food.  i think this skin food #1 shade from the fresh cream color fit rouge line is brighter than san paolo but....just look at this precious thing.
indeed, the skin food is brighter and warmer while san paolo is bluer, cooler and seems darker.
but why did i compare them to begin with? (and by the way i'm still jonsing over the out of stock one that is closer to san paolo, the laneige lr09)  because both of these lip products are creamy matte.
and look very very similar to each other on my lips once warmed up by my lips.
people's exhibit a.  as labeled, on the right is Sn Paolo while on the left is the skin food (my right and my left) i can hardly tell the difference.
and depending on the lighting both shades end up looking warm on my lips
ahmmm wala lang, i wanted to brag about the new hairs on my head LOL
it's thanks to lush and of course, skin food
yep, i'm liking this lipstick from skin food, the spf12 is a bonus, too.

Aspect Skin Food Nyx
Shade Match a little brighter than Sn Paoloa little cooler and bluer than the shade #1

Coveragefull coverage, just one swipe for full colorthe pigment roll on itself & gets in the cracks of my lips i have to apply 2-3x
Finishsemi mattecreamy matte
Lasting Powerlasts all day even after a meal with just a little reduction in color on the lipskisses off
PricePhP1150in the 300's range
Lip Reactionmoisturizingdries and chaps my lips 
Not because Skin Food is Korean that makes me prefer it.  but the fact that the skin food lippie has almost everything.  it's in stick form, pigmentation is fantastic and only requires one swipe on my lips.  it has spf, and it doesn't dry out my lips so i don't need to apply lip balm to apply on top of it unlike with the nyx matte lippies i have that my lips require me to apply lip balm after so my lips won't chap.
the Laneige lipsticks are php950, this skin food one is PhP1035 (i used my membership card so i got a 10% off) so for the spf i paid an extra ph85 hahaha :P
Do i recommend? - yep, if you like skin food, this is a great product
will i repurchase (at least a diff shade)? - it's in the realm of possibility.
hehehe i like the coffee ones too, those are awesome on the lips and taste good (also from skin food)


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