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Marge Counts her blessings part 2 - the best of my 2011

As the title suggests this is part two of my series, me remembering the best of my 2011.  but i will start with a not so good.  remembering a not so good keeps us firmly planted to the ground and make us more careful with our own expectations of ourselves and of other people.
I recall this blogger sale in the middle of the year.  it was a bunch of bloggers getting rid of the stuff they've accumulated and while on paper (a great idea to them at the time) it was a wonderful opportunity for them to meet their readers and at the same time get rid of their used stuff to make room in their closets.  it's quite possible that it was already late in the day that i arrived and most of their stuff have been looked thru and by then already disheveled and required re-steaming/ironing as their alta de siudad stuff looked like stuff from the ukay ukay on the corner of kamias and edsa, seryoso, as in.  plus the fact that i acknowledge the fact that the bloggers may have been indisposed eating somewhere else at ang mga natira ay ang mga chimay who'd rather be somewhere else as well.  but some altas/debutantes were there one of whom recognized my lanyard and sheepishly was embarrassed dahil kpop ang lanyard ko. wag ka na mahiya, girl, uso naman ang kpop eh, panira lang si Mo at si KC.
lanyard seen below in my pic was the lanyard recognized 'ey it's big bang!' then cowers back to her iphone pretending to be texting while mumbling...'la lang just saying':
so i wrote about it here whilst not mentioning that blogger event sale since i wrote about it the very next day and i didn't want to seem accusing because of the facts mentioned above (that the bloggers were tired, not there, etc) and oh gawd, the venue was poorly lit TO TOP IT ALL, half the time i nearly stumbled over their over priced USED shoes!  so stuff i learned, don't go to events by yourself para may kasama kang mang-lait after hahaha.  always wear your company jacket to tell them altas that though i'm a call center agent i can still blog and afford most of the shit i blog about.  and most of all, wag pa-apekpek sa mga taong kung makatingin sa iyo ay ikaw ay lower life form.  i get that 5 days out of the week in broad daylight, i don't need it from these debutantes.

ay ang haba na...ano na kasi sinasabi ko? AH YES, counting my blessings...moving on.

one of my highlights of this year was meeting Nikki, Shen, and Sophie.  this was a ponds event and the ladies were top pics on facebook and by ponds for their campaign at the time.
that started a ball rolling when i met Trixie of Nuffnang and Iya a really nice blogger and Shen again at one of clinique sponsored get togethers, at ayun oh, si Alice asa likod hahaha, oh Alice ba't di ka tumakbo para masama sa pic!?
This 2011 was also the start of other Korean cosmetics companies (other than Etude House that is) that began to give me notice and send me their stuff for review.  Mid year was The Skin Shop:  
this is when, thanks to the skin shop, that i discovered how fantastic snail creams are!  thank you thank you!
Mid year as well, finally after 30 years! Kylie graced us with her goddess presence and i was there beecheSS! 
also in July i was invited by Tony Moly Philippines to their Mega Mall opening that i wrote about here
i also got a photo-op with popular blogger Shen of Shensaddiction.com at this Tony Moly event:
ay sorry naman big bang parin ang lanyard...blackjacks! songjongki phil! t-ara-phil pabili ng lanyard sa 28th at 30th ha, thanks!
and it may be late, but one of my readers told me that i've been seen on the etude house magazines LOL
and here:
truth be told, i doubt my blog will be as half as effective in reaching out to my intended audience withOUT Etude House.  Etude house answers so many of our Pinay's needs.  inexpensive, cute, yet QUALITY cosmetics and skincare with such a popularity flare thanks to our love affair with kpop/kdramas.  Etude House, thanks so much for 2010 and now 2011!
then also in July, theBenj and i with my hero Tania had the great fortune of going to Singapore!
i super loved this trip and had about 5 different posts because of it, to think we only stayed 3days and 2nights!
thanks to this trip i got to see, hahaha big bang, hehehe this post is littered with the mention of big bang, aint it???
and of course 2ne1!
of the kpop acts that have come out of korea, these are the two, with the exemption of RAIN that no longer need to prove themselves to anyone, to koreans, and most specially our american music loving pinoys.  these two groups have already been awarded and celebrated by mtv, at the recent mtv ema's and mtv iggy's best new band.  so if anyone else doubt(s) why kpop is that awesome, just take a look at these two groups and how worldwide they have become in the span of less than 5 years!  if that still casts a doubt in your white mind, then well wala na kong magagawa.
in the span of about 2-3 mos i got another invite from tony moly to their product launch:
and i finally got to sit down and share a meal with popular blogger Jheng of iambrigette.com, sa kulitan namin di kami naka-kain ng husto hahaha 
notably this year i've been winning many blog contests namely (and in no particular order)
  1. Shen's 3rd year anniversary contest and she was super kind that she invited me to the Pond's flawless white event at Fiamma
  2. mister fruit machine chose my name when Nikki was giving away tickets to the multiply party at white space i even had extra tickets thanks to Alice ;-)
  3. another randomizer picked my name out when Pinkiecharm was doing one of twitter giveaways and i won my first ever as in ever mac product 
note to people out there:  Irene has this incredible online reputation of being something other than what she is not.  you know? i really can't reconcile that reputation with the way she treats me and Apple for that matter.  UNTIL i realized.  well, she's brutally honest, like yours truly. and if PEOPLE out there with NOTHING BETTER TO DO BUT TO MAKE INTRIGUES about a person and talk behind people's back and jeopardize your reputation then that is between those closed minded people and their maker (God).  Irene treats people like me with kind words, why?  because i'm kind to her.  I and clearly, people like Irene will diss you if you diss me, and clearly, people like her.  it's that simple, if you're nasty to me then don't expect me to kiss your ass (where ever that is).
  1. (ay bumalik sa 1-phhhtt hahaha) i won a microwave! homaygawd wth?  sa Christmas party namin.  my name got picked!  

homay, super random naman.  two of us from our account (but diff LOB-line of business) got our names picked at the ofc xmas party raffle!  further proof that the company i work for is merely a business and does not take things personally and makes you 'gago'.  i've been with the company for 6 years now, i've never won anything from the company itself, maybe it's fate that the other girl and i show others out there that a random event like this is entirely possible.  i kinda wish now the nega ones won na lang at least something like this would bring a smile to their faces, even for a moment. 
and speaking of winning out of so many names, you know imma gonna mention this right???  that's me, the 4th name.
and one of the best things that ever came out of my 2011??
and this was the prize! a photo-op with JiHoo!  
and lastly my number one blessing:
no, not etude, hahaha though etude house has been superduper fantastic to me since their arrival to the philippines.  it's my hubby of course!
every time i go home after work, i remind myself to shed off any negativity i've accumulated throughout the day.  my wonderful hubby deserves so much more than to go home with someone bitching about her day.  we all have troubles how we spend our days anyway, i am clearly no exception.  
what sets us apart is how we deal with all the negativity.  i was lucky enough to have been given a wonderful hubby who has taught and given me so much.  i can only hope that i can be the wife he deserves in those times in our lives when we are tested and challenged.
there are so many happenings in 2011 that one post just won't express how wonderful and busy i was this year.  there was the Korean Philippine cultural exchange, there was the visit by two of our ss501 kids last february, there was super junior's concert and so much more!
Kpop and Korean cosmetics is what drove this blog all throughout 2011 and most likely these two factors, the factors that made me start this blog to begin with will be my main focus in 2012!
i've two more events before the year ends and both are kpop related.  hope to see you on the 28th! at megatrade hall
and of course on the 30th at the megatent! don't forget to bring your donations for Sendong victims on the 30th! see you here!


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