Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marge counts her blessings part 3 - Beauty-FULL Christmas GIFTS!!!

My friend Isra, always reminded me that expectation is the mother of all frustations.  so i am always delighted when i get an email from different companies inquiring for my preferred branch of their store.  This year, Tony Moly has kept me on their mailing list, with the opening of the mega mall branch, their snake venom product launch, and this holiday season, their marketing department was very thoughtful to send out a goodie bag to their loyal bloggers, and published writers.
behold, the appletox, one of their new lippies and their floria.  there is also a cream eye shadow stick. with this loot bag, they also sent me what looks to me like an 8x12 mirror with a back stand and faux leather frame.  i was given this same mirror in this last event and i am grateful for another. 
but it's this that caught my eye.  the makeup case.  i love these things.  and this thing is about 3-4inches deep and i love the pocket with a cover, too!
in the same week etude house also sent me an email inquiring where i prefer their Christmas gifts be sent as well.
and here's the entire loot.  i will post a separate blog post including a video on how i showed my viewers what the items look like up close and how i used the powder pact and lippie, and of course a demo on how i use their baby doll puff.
Another super unexpected gift.  My office mate Donna, gave me this.  it's a warm old rose champagne pink e/s from Revlon.  my favorite western brand.  and true enough the fact that i didn't expect anything from Donna and more so i didn't expect a makeup gift from her, made the lovely shadow all the more special.  as Isra always says, expectation is the mother of all frustration, i keep saying that don't i?  in short baliktarin nyo, yung di ko expect yun pa talaga ang nagbigay.  the thoughtfulness my office mate put into this gift warms my heart.  i realize i must be a difficult person to find a gift for considering people around me probably think i have every makeup possible.  uuuhhh nope.  Thank you, Donna.
WAAAAHOOOO! tools!  this awesome set is from my sister in law.  is she unconsciously telling me to switch vocations (hahaha tae, vocation talaga) i mean professions? hahaha kembot pa ko dito sa kinaroroonan ko, patigasan ng fez, baby! muhahaha
ang dondadonda! aaaaaannnnd just look at those handles, i love that they're short, perfect for travel, yet long enough that i won't have to rest my fingers on a client, if i choose, that's IF, i choose to use these on a client.
AND THIS HOMAYGHAD THIS of course, i'd show this last.  it's from the hubby!  mmmaaaaaaiiii preciouSS (channeling Golum!)
one pallet to rule all!  it has your blush, a cream base, a glittery shadow for highlight and a shade for depth. 
ah gifts.  what can i say?  that ads that say free gift is grammatically incorrect hahaha gift nga eh, so syempre free, demmit.
expect something and you will get nothing. don't expect and surprises will come. 
Special Thanks to 
Tony Moly - more power to you in 2012
Etude House - likewise, more power to you in 2012
Donna - prajek na kita pramis!
Farah - tinipid tipid namin yung dark kisses hahaha theBenj and i love those! thank you ♥
and DEE - the folder stand is some thing i can actually use on my vanity! i♥it ^_^
ey T!- don't think i won't wear that necklace and bracelet! i love vintage stuff ;-)
Cyn - it's an awesome set, thanks so much!
theBenj - you are my star always ☺♥


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