Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mis Cosas Crayon Carry Alls a-good-to-have this Christmas shopping season

Disclaimer:  I was not paid feature this product on my blog.  Though the bag was sent to me for free and the owners had asked me to try out their bag.
Product Description from Kinney:
Currently, they have 2 kinds of fabrics for this:

1.) Ripstop Nylon is a super sturdy nylon that is the same fabric that is used for parachutes as well. they personally tested the bags and hung it overnight with 20lbs worth of weights inside and it didn't rip.

2.) The second fabric is made out of waterproof nylon material. It's also really sturdy and underwent the same stress test that I did to the first one.

If you'd like to see how it looks, please visit
Price Point:

1.) Currently, they are selling the ripstop nylon at PHP250 each up until the end of the year (December 31, 2011). they will be selling them at PHP270 starting January 1, 2012. :)

2.) For the Waterproof Nylon material, they will be selling them at PHP260 each. They can get discounts if they get 4 pieces. They can give it for PHP1,000. These 4 pieces can be in different colors. :)

3.) If your readers visit bazaars, we usually give more discounts. 

Kinney had sent me the baby pink.
i used the little bag for it to hold my touch up makeup.
and it can contain loads of stuff!
i like the fact that the main compartment is not too low from my body and that the tip of my finger can reach the very bottom of the bag without much effort WHILE the bag still hangs from my shoulder.
i saw Kinney at the moonlit bazaar last Sunday and I advised her that the bag is just right for my shopping needs and it didn't cramp and crumple my Jang Geun Suk paper bag from Nature Republic, which was important to me.
I did ask her, that if she could add a pocket of the same material as the rest of the bag then she would do her customers a service if she could. 
a pocket like shown in my other eco bag above will allow the user to to have his/her wallet, cellphone, or keys handier rather than to rummage through an entire bag of paper bags and products.  this is kind of inner pocket would also be helpful for people like me who do not buy a separate bag organizer.
another area for improvement is possibly a velcro closure at the opening of the bag for the added feeling of security.
  • handle or bag strap is just the right length for my height
  • very useful for shopping seasons like these, no zipper to open for manong guard at mall entrances yet the opening of the bag can be secured in front of your body for your own peace of mind.
  • size of the bag is just the right size if it could fit any more i'd be quite deep in debt! LOL
  • waterproof, i saw a little water stain while queuing up for a cap and i almost panicked since i have kpop merch in there! but my leader and jgs didn't get any stain or didn't get wet, phew!!!
  • the handle of bag strap didn't dig down my shoulder, like some bag straps can, yung matalas ang feeling ng strap sa balikat.  this didn't do that.
  • the depth of the bag was just right that my finger tips can reach the very bottom of the bag, easy access.  hindi yung ipapatong mo pa yung bag sa kung saan so you can dig thru and find your keys or something
  • price for something water proof, reusable and something that can easily be stored when not in use in its little bag, for PhP270, hindi na masama, keri na.
  • super love the color range.  i'm not into prints ever, i dislike floral, argyle or paisley.  i only like some plaid or checkered designs for bags, blouses, shorts or whatever.  i avoid prints for fear of looking like a sofa or a pillow case. 
  • currently no small inner pocket for small necessities.
Do i recommend? - for sure
will i purchase? sure, it's a great gift for this season don't you think?


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